The judge - daniel green

The Judge seemed to be living a glorious life. Society told him he was dominating in all spheres. 

Born on an island alone surrounded by nothing but bears, the Judge learned to survive and befriended those fury beasts. Somehow, the Judge made it to New York City, and he became an attorney. The Judge was living the life, making mad cash, hitting up hot parties, and dating foxy models. But something just didn’t seem right. The Judge was sad. The Judge felt empty inside. The Judge felt like he never left that lonely island. 

One night, the Judge, while in a whiskey stupor, stumbled upon a Daily Fantasy Sports (“DFS”) commercial. [Side note – this was before DraftKings and FanDuel decided to destroy DFS by making the asinine and absurd decision to shove DFS commercials down our throats every 30 seconds…but I digress] This commercial awoke the Judge…awoke him from what seemed like a 30 year sleep. 

So the Judge went to this DFS site called FanDuel, and he simply made an NBA lineup. The Judge continued to play DFS for 3 simple days (and never played more than $20). And then it happened. The Judge built a lineup with James Harden, who was “questionable” for that night’s game. The Judge heard via twitter that the Beard missed practice due to the flu, but a certain beat writer stated that he thought Mr. Harden would give it a go that night. The Judge decided to take a risk, and he kept Mr. Harden in his lineup for that night. The Judge submitted this lineup in something called a “GPP” with over 28,000 entries. 

Then the Judge’s evil boss called and told him to write a 100,000 page memo on the history of insurance law from 1700-1845. So the Judge took another gulp of whiskey, wrote his memo, and passed the f$#@ out. 

When he awoke, everything had changed. The Judge opened up the FanDuel app to see something so truly beautiful….dare we say “glorious”!?! The Judge had finished in 2nd place in that GPP, as James Harden had indeed played the previous night – and DOMINATED with over 40 pts, 10 assists, and 5 rebounds. AND due to the fact he was questionable, he was only 3% owned in that GPP. And so it happened my friends…the Judge’s bankroll was built. 

If you’re on this site and reading this bio, you know the rest. It’s been nothing but champagne and caviar since that fateful night where the bankroll was built. The Judge has left that lonely island, left that job with the evil boss, and been achieving nothing but “GPP Glory” ever since. 

Now, the Judge asks you to join him on his never-ending glory hunt, and for you too to leave your own lonely island.