the bailiff - ed harris

You might be wondering what in the world does a French Bulldog have to do with Fantasy/DFS Basketball? And the short answer is: NOTHING.

But Ed Harris is damn adorable! Look at the pics on this page! The Judge is simply pimping out his dog to get more ladies involved in Fantasy and to visit his site. It’s kind of genius, right? And in all seriousness, we do need more women playing fantasy sports. So come on ladies…join us! 

Ed Harris, as the Judge’s best friend, will be featured on the award-winning show “DG Courtroom” and rumor has it – he may even be feuding with Lil Wade! Warning – Ed Harris LOVES to chew and destroy dolls! Lil Dwight can attest to this fact. Further, Ed Harris will be posting his own weekly video on his favorite toy of the week! That might be our most popular segment.

Moreover, Ed Harris has been given the grueling task of being the Judge’s Bailiff. This means the adorable pup is in charge of order and obedience at all times while Court is in session. If you hear barking, panting, yelping, or growling during an episode of DG Courtroom, you know that Ed Harris is kicking some a#$ and keeping order in Court! 

Finally, we note that 87% of the Judge’s DFS winnings are used to buy Ed Harris new toys (or even clothes). Ed Harris is a master negotiator, and this percentage is written in his Bailiff contract. 

If you want to follow Ed Harris’ glorious life, you can follow him on Instagram here: