The Judge has spent centuries pondering what he wants to offer as part of his "Premium Package." The Judge wants to offer legitimate, innovative, and unique items that will vastly improve your skills as a DFS player. While the other sites will bore you to death offering the same basic packages with useless projections and shameful Optimizers - we strive for something more here.

We strive for items that only the Judge is capable of offering (others can try) combining (1) his analytic skills (2) his actual basketball passion and knowledge and (3) of course, his comedic relief. And with that said, The Judge is ecstatic to offer the following carefully crafted items:

11 Live Show Per Week  (Friday 5:30pm - 6:30pm ET) and #Core4 Monday - Friday ($20 per month)

As you know, The Judge provides a glorious podcast M-F to prepare you for glory and to dominate each day's slate. However, a lot changes between the podcast and lineup lock the next day. 


Live show & #Core 4

2) Consultation ($45 for 30 mins, $75 for 1 Hour)

 You have questions. You want the truth. Well, this is your chance to ask The Judge anything you've ever wondered about NBA DFS. In addition, The Judge will guide you down a day in his life preparing for an NBA slate, with research tips, cash game v. Single Entry v. GPP game strategies, and how to pick contests with the best odds to cash. You will fill out a form before the consult letting The Judge know what type of player you are (mostly cash or GPP, risky/conservative, etc.) The form will allow The Judge to make the consult highly individualized. This consult is all about you - maybe you want to spend the entire time on research strategies or maybe you want to touch on a variety of topics. We can and will discuss whatever is hurting your DFS game, and we will do everything we can to rectify it!

*Please email the judge directly to schedule consultation time at