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The names featured below have overcome treacherous obstacles to land on the holiest list in the land...my Chambers Power Rankings.  The Chambers has quickly evolved in to the most challenging DFS Tournament in the galaxy.  While we accept all DFS players - only the bravest souls dare enter.  And if you don't make it out alive, consider this your warning. But, if by some chance you survive and achieve Chambers Glory...you shall have earned The Judge's respect and a place alongside him in his secret VIP room for winners only (AKA The Best of the Best room). And maybe, just maybe, one day you can land on the list below.  

Without further adieu...

1/24/2019 NBA CHAMBERS POWER RANKINGS (Previous Rank)


1) mattmilyons (@Mmilyons) (5)

2) vinsaniity07 (@fly_eaglesfly11) (3)

3) jec3386 (@joec3386) (1)

4) rzey73 (4)

5) jowens07 (@Jowens1987) (2)

6) badn10tions (@badn10tions) (9)

7) roejacco (@superbuckwild) (7)

8) bradaltman11 (UR)

9) cpackham007 (@cpackham007) (6)

10) badassc (8)

Others Receiving Votes: epab2350; aseymou1; jacincm; cubbies03; mgionest; dad2gacs; thompsmd; mgfresh; redlishus; philaphonic28; dbelfoure; erdespyder



1) Kolin1 (1)

2) au5tralia83 (@au5tralia85) (2)

3) tvand2514 (@snoopAloop_3) (3)

4) mikep927 (@mikep927) (5)

5) dokcash (@detroitKford) (4)

6) doubled50 (7)

7) jghost9 (8)

8) Badin10tions (@Badin10tions) (10)

9) mattmilyons (@Mmilyons) (6)

10) culv45 (9)

Others Receiving Votes: FantasyKiller662; epab2350; mgionest; DankMoody; Dad2gacs; jwizvr6; TeamNinjaBoot; LawrenceDot; Mahler3; akify_012; butchismyhomie



- If you enter Chambers, please tweet me your twitter handle.

- We currently run 3 Chambers per night on FanDuel (this may increase as the year goes on) - due to demand, please only enter 1 of the FanDuel contests.

- All Chambers are NOT created equal. The Judge reserves the right to grant additional points if a certain Chambers is extra challenging on any given night. 

- Wins and top 3 (cashing) performances are weighted higher in the Power Rankings.

- If you want to appeal your ranking, you cannot.

- Fridays will feature a BEST OF THE BEST Chambers with only WINNERS and those atop the Power Rankings.

- Friday's BEST OF THE BEST will feature a $5 entry (instead of $2) and as such, you receive double the points.

- For those who achieve Chambers Glory - you will soon have access to a VIP only page on this site.

- If you use a Lineup Provider's LU in my Chambers, you will be suspended for 1 week! Use your own brilliant mind! (Plus we have several Lineup Providers in Chambers - so you will get caught and look a little silly)

- If you continually miss getting in on Chambers - let me know, and I will make sure you get a special invite. 

- I love you all