DG Courtroom Episode 93: Creatures Taunt us with the Moose

The Judge (Daniel Green, @DanielAGreen1) is back to help you achieve glory on an enticing 11 game NBA DFS slate.  A horrifying beginning to the show, as the Boogeyman makes a return appearance to rub salt in our DFS wounds.  The Judge then enters and explains how we shall try to slay the Monster together on Friday!  Next, he takes care of some housekeeping (make sure to check out DGCourtroom.com) before praising the the last couple day's Chambers' winners.  Then, he serenades us with the critically acclaimed segment: Dreamkillers/Dreamlovers.  Next, we take a trip to Vegas before the Judge breaks down the top plays at each position.  Enjoy.

Josh Furler1 Comment