I don't know what a "Mission Statement" is truly supposed to convey.  Who is even on the silly mission.  Can we bring friends? Where are we going and when shall we return?  So, let's not call this a "Mission Statement."  Instead, let's call it a "Regular Statement."


What I want to convey here is why I decided to start my own Daily Fantasy Sports ("DFS") podcast and website.  I have an incredible passion for DFS and over the past 4+ years, I've found myself spending an inordinate amount of time on the topic.  It's been quite the journey; lots of ups, lots of downs, new friends, fake friends, a twitter family, a new vocabulary, and starting in 2015, lots of chaos.  The chaos made me question my own passion and DFS in general.

DFS at its core, is supposed to be fun.  Yes, we all want to make money and achieve GPP Glory (i.e., win a large tournament for a million dollars and retire), but this is highly unlikely.  More likely, is that most of us playing DFS will lose money.  WHAT!?!  Is that really true!?!  No, it cannot be!  Everyone I see on twitter wins every lineup they enter!  All the other podcasts only pick winning players and never lose!  I just purchased lineups from someone who said he had a 99% success rate! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....

The hidden truth behind DFS is that there are many obstacles stacked against the "regular player."  Whether it be scripting, sharks, multi-entry tournaments, the rake, sites with hidden agendas, the crazy abundance of scam artists on twitter - the specifics don't really matter for purposes of my "Regular Statement."  What does matter, though, is that I want all of you to know that these obstacles exist.

So my "mission," is to not only make you aware that these obstacles exist, but to help you navigate through a DFS world with these obstacles.  And make no mistake, due to the pure greed of DFS sites and podcasts (both operator sites and sites driven by scam artists who see an easy way to make money by preying on novice DFS players), new obstacles are popping up all the time.  And sadly, this can and has made DFS a cruel, unpleasant, and (gasp) unprofitable place to visit at times.

And that's where my site comes in to play.  When you visit my site or listen to my podcast, I want...no I demand, that you actually have fun.  While the other 18,238 DFS websites (a few of which are legit and necessary) are providing you the same mundane content, we can discuss the gravy leaking out of Julius Randle's pants!  DFS does not need to be so damn serious all the time.  The real world is serious enough.  So twitter trolls and bullies - you can gladly stay away.

Further, my site will strive for transparency.  I'll let you in on the ugly side of DFS and provide ways for you to smash through the absurd and ever-growing obstacles.  And believe it or not, I'll let you know if I recommended  a crappy player or had a losing night. It will happen. After all, I am not a psychic.  I am just a judge.

So, there it is guys and gals.  Together, we start a new journey now...hey, why don't we call it a "mission"!  A mission that is fun and honest - and with those 2 things in hand, maybe we can make a little money too!

- The Judge