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Lil wade - heresay and conjecture

Lil Wade’s past is an enigma, and it is a topic he refuses to discuss. What we do know is this: 

  • The Judge found him after the 2011 Miami Heat Finals loss to the Dallas Mavericks
  • Lil Wade was found semi-unconscious in a Miami strip club mumbling the phrase “JJ DAMN BARREA” and “no way those are real” over and over again.
  • Police were called and Lil Wade was arrested.
  • The Judge via an anonymous tip was called to represent Lil Wade in court.
  • The two have been inseparable ever since.

So many questions remain around the mysterious Lil Wade. Who is his father? Is it Dwyane Wade or a dollmaker in China? Was there a fallout between D Wade and lil Wade? Do they even know each other? How did he even get in a strip club? 

As the country tries to answer these questions, we’ve come to learn that Lil Wade’s attitude and behavior mirrors that of his “larger self” D Wade. When D Wade left the Miami Heat for the Chicago Bulls, Lil Wade didn't eat or speak for days.  When D Wade is sitting out a back to back or injured due to his balky knees, Lil Wade's own knees also hurt via osmosis.  

And beginning last season, Lil Wade found his true calling card, joining the Judge on his soon to be award-winning series “DG Courtroom.” However, since D Wade signed in Chicago, he feels silly wearing the wrong uniform, so is more of a behind the scenes presence at the moment. 

Lil Wade is adamant that his presence on DG Courtroom will continue to grow, as his idol D Wade shall emerge from Jimmy Butler's shadow for one more playoff run with the Bulls later this year.  Lil Wade wants to prove all the doubters wrong...