my chambers

Welcome my friends - you have clicked on the scariest, yet most coveted page in the globe: My Chambers.  Chambers is a daily tournament on FanDuel and DraftKings with the toughest competition in the land.  If you want to test your DFS skills against the best each day, then Chambers is the place for you.  The Judge, though, does not discriminate against any player - and accepts challengers of all kinds (from newbies, to veterans, to lineup providers, to pros).  While some have been known to wait years to gain entry in to Chambers, the Judge guarantees you it is worth the wait.  As there is no greater joy in life then taking down this tournament and achieving - Chambers Glory!   

The Judge will one day post the glorious link to Chambers via this page, but for now - he tweets out the links at approximately 5pm ET each day.  If you have been trying to gain entry in to Chambers but failing - due to the high demand (it can fill within minutes) - please reach out to the Judge, and he will do his best to make sure you gain a spot in the very near future.  And if you do gain entry, please follow the rules below.


FD CHAMBERS Satellite (3/29/18)

Regular Chambers 1- NBA

Regular Chambers 2- NBA

Regular Chambers 3- NBA-None Today

DK Chambers Satellite (3/29/18)

Regular Chambers- NBA



- If you enter Chambers, please tweet me your twitter handle.

- We currently run 2-3 FD Chambers and 1 DK Chambers - due to demand, please only enter 1 of the FD contests.  However, you can enter 1 FD and the DK Chambers. 

- All Chambers are NOT created equal. The Judge reserves the right to grant additional points if a certain Chambers is extra challenging on any given night. 

- Wins and top 3 (cashing) performances are weighted higher in the Power Rankings.

- If you want to appeal your ranking, you cannot.

- Most Fridays will feature a BEST OF THE BEST Chambers with only WINNERS and those atop the Power Rankings.

- Most Sundays will feature a $5 entry (instead of $2) and as such, you receive double the points.

- For those who achieve Chambers Glory - you will soon have access to a VIP only page on this site (probably will not start until 2017-18 regular season).

- If you use a Lineup Provider's LU in my Chambers, you will be suspended for 1 week! Use your own brilliant mind! (Plus we have several Lineup Providers in Chambers - so you will    get caught and look a little silly)

- If you continually miss getting in on Chambers - let me know, and I will make sure you get a special invite. 

- I love you all