The judge's glossary

The Judge has created his own language when it comes to NBA DFS and as such, you should learn the terms below in order to understand what the heck he is rambling about on this site and his podcast - DG Courtroom.

Tinman - this is a term that implies a player has no heart. Anthony Davis is the epitome of this term, as he is made of glass and gets hurt way too often. If he gets an eye lash, a sliver, hemorrhoids - he misses a game. It is infuriating. Andre Drummond is another Tinman, as whenever he gets challenged on the court, he simply takes a nap. We love to discuss different Tinmen each night and sometimes we'll have a Tinman of the night or week. The team of Tinmen is constantly evolving and new guys join and leave this team throughout the season. 

SneakyNinja - this term implies a player that the Judge loves for a particular night that not many others in the industry will be playing. He'll be low owned (less than 10%) and a guy that will surprise with a performance that crushes value.

Dream Killer - this term applies to the player that has crushed our hopes and dreams of winning a big dfs tournament either for that particular night or continually over time. We typically do a dream killer of the night poll on the site or on twitter.

Dream Lover - this term applies to the player that has performed exceptionally well and helped us make a lot of money either on a particular night or over time.

Soul Crusher - some nights there is one particular player who doesn't just crush your dreams, he haunts your soul. His performance is so troubling and perplexing that you cannot sleep, eat, or utter a coherent sentence. A good example of this is when 6'4" PJ Tucker shut down 7 foot Karl Anthony-Towns in such a way that Towns hid in a corner for 18 straight minutes and did not touch the ball once in that stretch.

YoYo - this term applies to a player whose minutes are in constant flux because a coach is toying with him (yes, like a yoyo!). An example is when the insufferable Jason Kidd gives Greg Monroe 31 minutes one game but then 12 minutes the next game. These players are ill suited for cash games, but if you play them at the right time - can lead you to GPP Glory.

GPP Glory - this is what anyone who plays DFS hopes to achieve. A term that is used when one has achieved his destiny and won a huge DFS tournament for thousands of dollars (ok, maybe hundreds). 

Wafllehouse - this is a big hit (pun intended) and implies overweight and/or lazy basketball players. Just like Tinmen - we have a team of players who are on the Wafflehouse crew. It is led by Raymond Felton, Jared Sullinger, Al Jefferson, (pre 2015) Kyle Lowery, and Julius Randle. We love to add, remove guys from this list - and to make gifs/videos of these players eating at WaffleHouse or just eating in general.

Chambers - this is the scariest DFS tournament in the universe that the Judge created for his followers to play on FanDuel and DraftKings (among others). Chambers has some of the best DFS players across the land, including DFS pros and lineup providers - but also has players that range from new to experienced. The Judge tweets out the links to the tournaments each day. A glorious way for the Judge and his followers to interact with each other. The Judge will one day provide the winners with a variety of small prizes...but for now, you might have to settle for a shoutout on the podcast. Note: Due to the high demand of Chambers - the Judge reveals the links at various times in an effort to allow all who desire to get their shot at Chambers Glory.

Power Rankings - based off of Chambers tournaments, the Judge created rankings so everyone can see how they're doing against each other. This will be updated weekly, and eventually (if we continue to grow) we'll give out prizes to leaders of the rankings. If you make it atop the Rankings, it is safe to say you have succeeded in life...that's right, in life.  

Core4 - The Judge provides his top players of the night. These are players that the Judge has in the majority of his lineups. A Core will be posted for both Cash and GPP Lineups and for both FanDuel and DraftKings. The Core is posted approximately one hour before lineup lock.