Point Guard:


Ricky Rubio (FD-$7,600 DK-$6,700)- Rubio is a lock and load tonight on DK. He has taken 33 shots in the last two games to go along with 20 assists. Memphis is a mess and his usage rate is second on the team (behind Donovan Mitchell) at 26 percent.  Over the last four games he has scored 49, 40, 50 and 41 fantasy points and his two highest were against the Spurs and Warriors who are two of the best defense teams in the league. I don’t think I have much more to convince you at this point, the slick hair and tattooed Ricky looks like he’s here to stay.


Goran Dragic (FD-$6,900 DK_$7,100)- Goran Dragic has been playing well since he got named to the All-Star team and he gets a huge bump in pace against Houston. Stop me if you have heard this before, Miami is banged up. There could be more shots available for Dragic and I guarantee you that you won’t be shy about taking them. This Houston/Miami game will be a popular one tonight to stack and anytime a team goes from one of the slowest teams to a fast-paced game, sign me up.


Other plays I like:  Jeff Teague, Dejounte Murray or Spencer Dinwiddie





Shooting Guard:


Jrue Holiday (FD-$7,600 DK-$7,500)- Jrue Holiday will be a lock in my cash games as long as his price stays below $8,000. Victor Oladipo will play tonight but that doesn’t concern me too much because he will be playing point most of the night. He’s shot the ball 69 times (nice) over the last four games and stacking the Pelicans would be a good idea tonight. A Jrue to AD stack will be expensive but it has a good chance to pay off.


Josh Jackson (FD-$5,900 DK-$5,700)- Josh Jackson over the last four games is averaging 33 fantasy points and he’s doing that because he’s being aggressive. He’s scored over 20 points in four out of those five games and he’s always a threat to get us around three or four blocks and steals combined a night. He was the fourth pick in the draft for the reason and the Sun would be stupid not to play him 30 minutes a night. I don’t care about a back to back for a 20-year-old, I think his young legs can handle it.


Other plays I like: Danny Green, Reggic Bullock or Tyler Johnson





Small Forward:


Josh Richardson (FD-$6,700 DK-$5,900)- I like the price a lot more on DK but this bump in pace fits his style of play. I just want safety in my lineup and he’s good for 25 minutes if nothing crazy happens to him. J-Rich hasn’t scored less than 21 fantasy points and no more than 38 over the last month. Consistency will lead to us winning money.


Andrew Wiggins (FD-$6,200 DK-$6,100)- Boy, the Cleveland Cavs are awful. If you wanted to stack every Minnesota player I wouldn’t be mad at you. Last time against Cleveland he scored 35 fantasy points and that shouldn’t be far off from what he does tonight. Stack the whole starting five from Minnesota tonight and you might win all the money.


Other plays I like: Bojan Bogdanovic or Stanley Johnson





Power Forward:


LaMarcus Aldridge (FD-$8,600 DK-$8,400)- My man LMA is back! I absolutely hate that the Spurs are the last game tonight because we never know with Pop if he will sit anyone. However, LMA seems to play no matter how bad the other team is and he is the focal point of the offense. This game has massive blow out potential but I want a late-night hammer and this seems to be a great spot for him. Let’s hope we don’t get SALL’ed tonight.


Nikola Mirotic (FD-$7,200 DK-$6,500)- Mirotic had a stinker last game and he is the perfect bounce back candidate. Now he gets Domantas Sabonis or Thad Young defense, that gets the juices flowing tonight. The Pacers are the sixth worst rebounding team in the league and he is a strong candidate for a 20/10 game tonight. Don’t let last games performance change your thinking for tonight.


Other plays I like: Luc Mbah a Moute or Taj Gibson







Andre Drummond (FD-$11,000 DK-$9,800)- Those prices might scare me away but everyone and their mother have dominated the Nets big men. He tends to get sleepy in those “can’t miss” games and I might just go up and pay for AD because of how many shots he will take. Andre should be a lock for 20/20 tonight and he will be highly owned. He has little room for error but he has been playing better of late it’s not like a stud has never screwed us over before, right?


Anthony Davis (FD-$11,900 DK-$11,600) Oh man his price is up there but the brow has been dominating without Cousins. Nobody on the Pacers can slow him down, not even if Rik Smits with his beautiful mullet comes back. He will get monster minutes and in two of the last three games he has taken 30 or more shots a game! The juices are flowing with AD tonight.


Other plays I like: Karl Anthony Towns or Alex Len (if Chandler sits).



Dunks of the night: Ricky Rubio, Jrue Holiday, Nikola Mirotic and Anthony Davis




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