First, I wanted to start off by saying fly eagles fly! It’s been 31 years of disappointment and sadness and this is the first time one of my teams has won a championship in over 25 years (1995 World Series Atlanta Braves) was the last but I was nine. I am trying a new strategy tonight in all my lineups. I am picking between two or three games and just game stacking them. It has worked for me in the past and tonight I like the Denver/Charlotte, Utah/New Orleans and Washington/Indiana. Good luck everyone tonight and if we have learned anything about the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles it is that even as underdogs we can all achieve glory tonight. Let’s take down the super computers. FLY EAGLES FLY.

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Point guard:


Dame Lillard: (FD-$8,100 DK- $9,000)- I love the price for Dame on FD and he will be in all my lineups there. On DK, his price is fair but this is the highest it’s been in around three weeks. Goran Dragic just torched Ish Smith for 52 fantasy points and if I am playing Dame that is the type of game I would be expecting. He has a safe floor with big upside tonight.


Kemba Walker: (FD-$9,000 DK- $8,800)- Kemba Walker will get broken arrow defense going tonight and if that doesn’t get the juices flowing then I don’t know what will. Charlotte has three players who will score the ball for them, Kemba, Batum and Dwight. All three are in play and it wouldn’t be a bad idea in cash tonight to have all three in our lineups. His price is climbing up there but don’t worry about that, just realize he should be good for at least 40 fantasy points and if they broken arrow has anything to say about it, then maybe a 50 burger.


Other plays I like: Ricky Rubio, De’Aaron Fox and Jrue Holiday





Shooting guard:


Victor Oladipo (FD-$9,300 DK-$8,400) and Bradley Beal (FD-$8,400 DK-$8,900)- This will be a fun game to stack tonight. Both guys make for good cash game plays. Beal has stepped it up without John Wall and Oladipo is starting to be aggressive on offense. On DK you can play Dipo at the point and Beal at shooting guard and these two should have no problems getting us around 40 fantasy points tonight. If Oladipo misses this game because of diarrhea or whatever illness he has, Lance Stephenson is a lock and load.


Nicolas Batum (FD-$ 6,800 DK-$6,700)- He seems to be healthy and over the last four games he has been over 32 fantasy points. Gary Harries defense does scare me a little bit but he will bring the ball up the court some possessions and he will bump up to play three. Shooting guard gets ugly quick and I want a player who has safety but also some upside aka Nicolas Batum.


Other plays I like: Rodney Hood if Donovan Mitchell sits, both Bogdanovic’s and Mario Hezonja





Small Forward:


Josh Richardson (FD-$6,5000 DK-$6,300) - The top priced small forward tonight is Otto Porter Jr., that all you need to know about the position tonight. Going back and looking at his last three games without John Wall, Porter is absolutely in play tonight. Anyway, back to J-Rich. He is still seeing over 30 minutes a night and he has been consistent with getting use 25 or more fantasy points almost nightly. He’s average 14/4/4/1/1 against Orlando this year and if he continues that he is a lock for 30 fantasy points.


Justice Winslow (FD-$4,200 DK- $3,700) and Paul Zipser (FD-$3,700 and DK-$3,000)- If you are looking to save money tonight, Winslow and Zipser are two solid options. Zipser is the bare minimum on DK and if Markkanen misses the game again tonight he should get us around 25 minutes. At that price, he just needs to step on the floor and not be a prop. Winslow is a headache to own but he is so cheap and hopefully he should get use at least 20 fantasy points. In his last game he scored 15 fantasy points without scoring a single basket. If he can get the ball to go in the hoop a handful of times, he gets us that magical “v” word…vagi…wait no value! Sorry about that.


Other plays I like: Otto Porter Jr. and Will Barton





Power Forward:


Nikola Mirotic (FD-$7,500 DK-$5,800)- By the time you got done reading his DK price, he should already be a lock in your lineups. He is extremely talented and in his first game with the Pelicans he scored 48 fantasy points. AD will get Gobert defense and that could free up some more open looks for Mirotic. DK he is a little expensive but you can still make the case to play him. On DK he is a lock and load tonight.


Dwight Powell (FD- $4,800 DK-$ 3,700)- The genius NASA coach and mouth breather Rick Carlisle has finally figured out that Powell is pretty good at basketball. Over the last three games he has seen over 20 minutes and is averaging 23 fantasy points. If Harrison Barnes miss’s tonight’s game, he might be a lock and load at his cheap price. I mean it’s not like Rick Carlisle has every screwed us over in the past, right?


Other plays I like: Trey Lyles, Derrick Favors and Kelly Olynyk







There are studs and great plays everywhere tonight at center. Anthony Davis has been great without Cousins but he has the toughest matchup against Rudy Gobert. AD should pull him out of the paint and if they do that he should have no problem scoring. Andre Drummond has had two 20/20 games in his last three games and with Blake on the roster, it has seemed to give the Pistons a boost in moral. Jokic gets Dwight Howard defense but he spends most of his time out of the paint and running the offense so he shouldn’t have to mess around with him too much in the paint. Dwight gets Jokic but that doesn’t scare me at all down low. DeAndre Jordan should grab 50 rebounds tonight but he has four combined field goals made in his last two games, eww. Gobert will get soft AD defense and he should have no problem getting rebounds however he is like DeAndre where he is offensively challenged. Last but not least is Willie Cauly-Stein and he gets Robin Lopez down low. He has scored back to back 30 fantasy points and he should be a lock for that. However, it is hard to trust a guy with a giant neck tattoo.




Dunks of the night:


FD- Dame Lillard, Kemba Walker, Bradley Beal and Nicolas Batum

DK- Kemba Walker, Nikola Mirotic, Ricky Rubio and Dwight Powell