Tonight’s Feature

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Hollywood is back in session! With a healthy 6 game slate we will let the movies and TV lead us to glory tonight and the rest of the season!  Tonight is going to be lot of stars and scrubs lineup and when thinking about that this pretty awful yet entertaining movie came to mind.  So let’s jump in!








Eddie Thomas and Gwen Harrison

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Lebron James (FD - $11600, DK - $11800)

Our All-Star MVP has a new cast of characters around him and he has been putting up points again.  Since the trade deadline he has not fallen below 52 FD points and 54 DK points.  It should be a competitive game tonight and Lebron will be a large piece of that.

Steph Curry (FD - $9300, DK - $9800) preferred on FD

These Golden State guys are always hard to mess with but if you want to differentiate who you spend up on Steph is a solid way to go.  He has been pretty quiet as of late and so this should push more people on to other guys.  He has a great matchup against the Clips and with the highest point total he should be involved.  If I am worried about a blowout I am more worried about the Philly guys against Chicago.  The Clippers are ranked 27th in Defensive +/- and that is pushing me towards him over Embiid or even Simmons.




Kiki Harrison and Lee Phillips

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Quincy Acy (FD - $3800, DK - $4100)

Emmanuel Mudiay (FD - $4600, DK - $4400)

Here are the my dart throws for tonight.  A large percent of people will be on the new Bulls starters and I will most likely have my fair share of them as well.  Acy has been getting over 31 minutes in his last 3 games and has a high of 30.5 FD points and a low of 16.4 DK points.  He is a fine plug on DK but I will most likely be throwing more Felicio in my lineups there.  As far as Mudiay goes……..  Yeah that is what I think about that.  The bottom line is this team has thrown the season away after seeing the Porzingod go down.  They picked up Mudiay at the deadline and should keep rolling him out to see what he has.  There still seems to be hesitation in playing a lot of Nicotine and so what I am looking for tonight from Mudiay is 23 – 27 minutes.  He has been practicing with the first team the last 2 days and unless we here he isn’t starting I like him a lot.  Since joining the Knicks he has been averaging slightly over 1 fantasy point per minute on FD and slightly under on DK.  That is a good enough dart for me.



Others I Like

Enes Kanter (FD - $7500, DK - $7600)

Michael Beasley (FD - $7000, DK - $7100)

Lou Williams (FD - $7000, DK - $6900)

Allen Crabbe (FD - $5400, DK - $5300)

DeAngelo Russel (FD - $6100, DK - $5600)





Directed By:  Phil Senzig @philaphonic28