Results from Tuesday, February 6th:




Point Guard:

  • Chris Paul $9,700: 45.75 points
  • Josh Hart $4,700: 39.75 points


Shooting Guard:

  • DeMar DeRozan $7,700: 30.75 points
  • Mario Hezonja $4,500: 21.50 points


Small Forward:

  • Paul George $7,900: 62.25 points
  • T.J. Warren $6,700: 44 points


Power Forward:

  • Kristaps Porzingis $8,400: 19 points
  • Ryan Anderson $4,700: 1.25 points



  • Joel Embiid $9,500: 56.25 points
  • Steven Adams $6,800: 33 points



Top Plays for Thursday, February 22nd:





Point Guard:


  • Ben Simmons $9,000 at Bulls: This a juicy match up for Ben Simmons as the Bulls have made it clear that they are in full tank mode. Simmons has such a high floor and has room for upside at his price. Donovan Mitchell has stolen some of the Rookie-Love from the media and fans as of late, so if you want to play the narratives I expect Simmons to bounce back in a big way tonight and prove why he should be Rookie of the Year. 


  • D'Angelo Russell $5,600 at Hornets: Russell is an elite play for me on tonight's slate. He is simply too cheap and I love to attack Hornets guards. His minutes have been more consistent since his return from injury. He has so much upside at this price, I will look to take advantage and buy low on Russell every slate I can until they raise his price. 


  • Honorable Mentions: Russell Westbrook $11,500 / Austin Rivers $5,100 / Emmanuel Mudiay $4,400




Shooting Guard:


  • Lou Williams $6,900 at Warriors: The Clippers are playing way up in pace against the Warriors tonight. This game currently has the highest over/under on the slate at 232.5, so we will want exposure to the late game hammer. Lou is my favorite Clipper guard to roster because I believe he is slightly under priced and he is never afraid to keep shooting. The last time these two teams faced off Sweet Lou dropped 50 actual points. While I don't expect another 50 point game, I can see Lou having another monster game against the Warriors. 


  • David Nwaba $3,500 vs. 76ers: I mentioned earlier that Ben Simmons that the Bulls are officially in tank mode. They are committed to going young and are starting Nwaba and Felicio tonight against Philly. We like to attack Sixers guards, so at this price Nwaba is safe in all formats. Expect him to be a very popular play tonight. 


  • Honorable Mentions: Bradley Beal $9,400 / Tim Hardaway Jr. $6,300 / Klay Thompson $6,200




Small Forward:


  • LeBron James $11,800 vs. Wizards: LeBron is my favorite star to pay up for on this slate. The recent trades seemed to have re-energized The King and he looks hungrier than ever to make another finals run. Since this game will be Nationally televised I expect LeBron ownership to be rather high, especially on a small slate. 


  • Robert Covington $5,000 at Bulls: Covington is an excellent tournament play on this slate. He gets a juicy match up with Chicago and is a bit under priced for me. He's never consistent, but how can he kill you at $5k? There is so much room for upside and you don't assume much risk if he puts up a dud because of his price. He was also a bit worn down before the break because of some small injuries, but the week off should help him get his body right. Look for Covington to have a strong outing tonight. 


  • Honorable Mentions: Kevin Durant $10,300 / Danilo Gallinari $6,100 / Denzel Valentine $4,500




Power Forward:


  • Draymond Green $8,000 vs. Clippers: Draymond has been rather safe as of late and I expect his strong play to continue tonight against the Clippers. The great part about Green is that he isn't scoring dependent and can get you fantasy points in various ways. Similar to Ben Simmons, their excellent all around game lead to fantasy-goodness. 


  • Zach Randolph $5,500 vs. Thunder: Z-Bo is always tough to trust because we never know what his minutes look like. At this price, I am willing to assume some of that risk because he gets a juicy match up against Melo defense. I also believe that if Randolph gets the start he should smash and I will confidently roll him out in tournament lineups because of the upside potential. 


  • Honorable Mentions: Aaron Gordon $7,400 / Dario Saric $6,500 / Jeff Green $4,200






  • Dwight Howard $8,400 vs. Nets: Not much to say here. Elite spot against Brooklyn centers and he is under priced. Dwight is safe in all formats if you want to spend at center and pivot off of the Bulls value. Howard has had a strong season so far and I look for his excellent play to continue tonight. 


  • Steven Adams $6,600 at Kings: Another strong play in all formats because the strong match up against the Kings. He should dominate the glass and get all the hustle stats. Since everyone should be on the same 3-4 guys we need to differentiate somewhere and on DraftKings I am always a fan of playing two, sometimes 3 centers in my tournament lineups. 


  • Honorable Mentions: Joel Embiid $9,700 / Enes Kanter $7,600 / Cristiano Felicio $3,000




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