Results from Wednesday, January 3rd:



Point Guard:

        - Chris Paul $9,600: 39.25 points

        - Eric Bledsoe $7,200: 17.75 points


Shooting Guard:

        - Jimmy Butler $8,600: 44.75 points

        - Donovan Mitchell $7,300: 32.75 points


Small Forward:

        - LeBron James $11,300: 38.75 points

        - Paul George $7,600: 37 points


Power Forward:

        - LaMarcus Aldridge $7,600: 46 points 

        - Trey Lyles $5,100: 32.75 points



        - Andre Drummond $9,100: DNP

        - Derrick Favors $6,000: 28.25 points





Top Plays for Friday, January 5th:





Point Guard: 


        - Tyreke Evans $8,000 vs Wizards: Tyreke has been great since he has stepping into the starting point guard role in Memphis. Look for since continued consistent, solid play to continue tonight playing up in pace against the Wizards. Evans' price also dropped so I will take advantage of the discount and buy-low in all formats. 


        - Kyle Lowry $7,300 at Bucks: You typically don't like to attack Buck's at the guard spot, but Eric Bledsoe has made it a juicy position to attack lately. Lowry has been solid all season in cash games, but in this match up with the Bucks I think he is a strong tournament play with upside. Lowry always seems to be a player that gets overlooked night in and night out. 


        - Honorable MentionsGoran Dragic $6,600 / Ish Smith $5,800 / J.J. Barea $5,300





Shooting Guard:


        - Devin Booker $7,600 at Spurs: Booker is a great tournament play on this slate for two main reasons: One, he is criminally under priced! Anytime I can roster a player with 50 DK point upside at under the $8k price-point I want to have exposure. In addition, since this is a match up in San Antonio, Booker will likely go under owned because people don't like to attack San Antonio. The Spurs have been vulnerable to opposing guards all year, so Booker is a strong play in tournaments on this slate. 


        - Tyler Johnson $5,200 vs. Knicks: Tyler Johnson is one of my favorite, sneaky plays on tonight's slate. Since Waiters has been out with injury, Johnson has slid into the starting shooting guard role and has been locked into huge minutes. Goran Dragic is coming off two monster games, so I think this is a sneaky pivot off Dragic because I love to attack the Knicks guards. 


        - Honorable Mentions: Jimmy Butler $8,400 / Bradley Beal $7,900 / Will Barton $5,800





Small Forward: 


        - Robert Covington $5,600 vs. Pistons: I'm not a fan of small forward on this slate, so I don't mind punting to lower-priced players that have massive upside. Covington fits that mold to a T. Even though Joel Embiid is expected to play in this game, that should only help Covington get even more open spot-up three's. I'm a big fan of Covington at this price-point on tonight's slate. 


        - Denzel Valentine $4,500 at Mavericks: In addition to Tyler Johnson, Valentine is another one of my favorite sneaky plays on this slate. He is under priced and locked into big minutes for the Bulls. The match up with Dallas should drive ownership down, but Valentine has shown us that he has the upside for tournaments. Sneaky tournament play tonight. 


        - Honorable Mentions: Giannis Antetokounmpo $10,700 / Kawhi Leonard $7,600 / Rodney Hood $5,200





Power Forward:


        - T.J Warren $6,100 at Spurs: Yes, you are reading this correctly. I am recommending two Phoenix players on my article in a match up with the Spurs. Both players are likely to go under owned and they are both way too under priced to not take advantage of rostering them. Warren and Booker lead the team in usage and for the Suns to have a chance in this game, both of them will need to have a big game. 


        - Serge Ibaka $5,500 at Bucks: Ibaka has been a consistent cash-game play this season, but at this price and with the match up with Bucks bigs he is in a great spot for tournaments tonight. Ibaka is the only Raptor post-player that I can trust to play big minutes and he has been an improved played on the defensive side of the ball this season. 


        - Honorable Mentions: Kelly Olynyk $6,100 / Trey Lyles $5,400 / Michael Beasley $5,300







        - Dwight Howard $8,400 at Lakers: Dwight is in another revenge-game spot tonight in Los Angeles. Outside of the revenge-game factor, this is an elite match up on paper for Howard. Out of all the teams playing on the slate, the Lakers give up the most fantasy-points to opposing centers. Strong play in all formats tonight. 


        - Jusuf Nurkic $7,300 vs. Hawks: Nurkic has been brilliant lately and I look for his strong play to continue tonight against the Hawks. I always love to attack Hawks post-players and I want to ride Nurkic while he is hot. He always comes with some risk, but this is DFS you need to take some gambles. 


        - Honorable Mentions: Nikola Jokic $8,800 / Marc Gasol $7,500 / Hassan Whiteside $6,700





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