Here are the plays tonight for our cash game lineups. There are some teams on a back to back, we should be a little wary of the players who played big minutes. There are some key injuries to keep an eye out for, Devin Booker and Tyreke Evans injury news can change the whole slate. Joel Embiid has already been ruled out. This six game slate will be tricky but I have faith that we can conquered it and win some money. Good luck everyone and follow me on twitter @lawrencedoto and let’s talk in the slack group.




Point Guard:


Paying up/stud tier: Kemba Walker or Kyrie Irving


Kemba Walker has been a lock in my cash game and 50/50 lineups. This Charlotte and Indiana game will be a sneaky good fantasy game. Kemba will shoot often and with the amount of minutes he will see, he should be a lock in cash games. Kyrie Irving has scored 40 or more fantasy points in four straight games and now he gets a good matchup against Denver. He still scares me because he can turn into a one trick pony quick and that limits his upside in those games. If Jamal Murray is back in the starting lineup, Kyrie should have no problem getting us 40 fantasy points again. Kemba and Kyrie are both safe for cash and should be good to go in our lineups. I am looking to get a least one in my cash games.


Paying down tier: Yogi Ferrell, T.J. McConnell or Mario Chalmers


If JJ Barea is out tonight, Yogi is a lock for 30 minutes and 20 fantasy points. Both Yogi and JJ are little midgets but it helps when one of them sits so we know which one to play. T.J. didn’t play much last game and he could get more minutes on the back to back. He doesn’t have much of a ceiling but he should be good for around 18-22 fantasy points, if the minutes are there. If Tyreke sits tonight, Chalmers will be a lock for my cash games. In 32 minutes last game he scored 42 fantasy points, let’s hope we find out early on Tyreke so Chalmers can be an easy lock in our lineups.




Shooting Guard:


Hmm this position kinda sucks tonight…tier: Do we really have to play a shooting guard tonight?


Tyreke Evans and Devin Booker both might not play tonight. Tyreke has diarrhea and Devin Booker’s back is hurting from carrying the team. If Tyreke plays I will try to squeeze him in because of the big bump in pace. Devin played big minutes last night but it seems like he won’t play because of a back or rib injury he suffered at the end of last game. I am hoping that the Nuggets go back with Will Barton starting at the one because he will be in my lineups. If they go back to their regular lineup, then Gary Harris makes for a solid play in cash. Andrew Wiggins is safe but he doesn’t have the huge upside with Jimmy Butler back in the lineup. Honestly, I wouldn’t go much below Will Barton tonight because it gets ugly, like Lonzo Ball jump shot ugly. I might lean towards Gary Harris because of the safety and the rest is still a crap shoot.




Small Forward:


Paying up/stud tier: Giannis Antetokounmpo or Jimmy Butler


Giannis will be playing three games in four night which scares me at his price. I think this game has sneaky good upside but both teams are playing a back to back so this game could get sloppy quick. Philadelphia turns the ball over a bunch and Giannis should have no problem getting a handful of steals and blocks. What I have liked the most since Jason Kidd has gotten fired is that his assists numbers are going up. Jimmy has a floor of around 40 and he gets the awful Atlanta Hawks, trust me being a Hawks fan isn’t fun. The biggest problem is this game can get ugly quick. If Jimmy is aggressive he could have 40 fantasy points by the third quarter. There is blow out potential here but if the Wolves are blowing them out it will be because of Jimmy buckets. Harrison Barnes is also safe for cash tonight but this Miami and Dallas game will put me to sleep. He should be good for 25-30 fantasy points and he will save us a ton of money off Giannis and Jimmy.




Dart throws tier: Robert Covington, MKG and Josh Jackson


These three are here if you don’t want to pay up at small forward tonight. Sir Covington might be the streakiest shooter in the NBA and if his shot is falling he will get us 30 easily but that is a big if. Embiid is ruled out tonight so that opens up some shots and Covington should have no problem taking them. MKG shoots the ball like he doesn’t know what his dominate hand is and he averages five rebounds and one assist a game, does that do anything for you? If you are feeling frisky try playing MKG. Josh Jackson could be in for more minutes tonight if Devin Booker sits and at this point that looks like the case. He’s not very good at scoring the ball and his rebounding and assist numbers make me sad. If you want you can play him but at the end of the night you will be screaming “me so stupid!” Harrison Barnes might be the play tonight because of his safety and price.




Power Forward:


Safety whith not much upside tier: Thad Young, Trey Lyles and Taj Gibson


All three of these players are all boring safe plays. Thad Young for whatever reason is deciding to be the shooter on the team and he has been solid over the last couple of games. He has scored 23 or more fantasy points in six out of his last seven games. Not a great play but if he gets us around 25 fantasy points we can’t be that angry. I mean come on, it is Thad Young we are talking about. Trey Lyles has been a fixture in my cash games. He’ll get us around 25 minutes and get us around 25 fantasy points. He won’t explode for a 50 burger but he has a good roll on the team and he is a safe sex kind of play tonight. Taj Gibson will get big minutes and give us decent production. Atlanta is awful at rebounding the ball and Taj should take advantage of this tonight. All three don’t get the juices flowing but 25 fantasy points is fine for our lineups.


Joel Embiid ruled out: Dario Saric didn’t play many minutes last night so I will be locking and loading him. In the seven games without Embiid, he is averaging 37 fantasy points and that sounds good for my cash games.





Paying up/stud tier: Dwight Howard, KAT or Nikola Jokic


Dwight Howard is playing like the Orlando Magic Dwight. He has been a man on a mission and I haven’t be afraid to use him. Indiana is doo-doo down low defensively and Dwight should have no problem having another good fantasy game. I feel like he is due for a let-down and at with his huge price bump he could be risky. KAT should dominate the Hawks front court but he is just too passive at times and can throw up an average game. He is safe for cash games but it can be frustrating watching him play at times. Jokic should dominate the Boston big men. He’s scored 40 fantasy points or more in four straight and for whatever reason his price dropped. Let’s hope he gets the ball passed to him so he can score some points. If the Nuggets want to win this game, they will give Jokic the ball.



Dunks of the night: Kemba Walker, Nikola Jokic and Dario Saric



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