Results from Monday, January 22nd:



Point Guard:

  • Damian Lillard $8,800: 40 points
  • Eric Bledsoe $8,200: 41.25 points


Shooting Guard:

  • Lou Williams $8,500: 33.75 points
  • Jrue Holiday $7,200: 30 points


Small Forward:

  • Khris Middleton $8,700: 51 points
  • Josh Richardson $6,300: 21.25 points


Power Forward:

  • Lauri Markkanen $6,700: 44.75 points
  • Trey Lyles $5,300: 25.50 points



  • Dwight Howard $8,100: 49 points
  • Rudy Gobert $7,000: 30.50 points



Top Plays for Wednesday, January 24th:




Point Guard:


  • Chris Paul $9,500 at Mavericks: Since NBA all star reserves got announced yesterday, I found it fitting to feature several of those players on my article as they should be extra motivated to prove why they should've been selected as an all star reverse. CP3 should be an all star and I expect him to prove that tonight, in a tasty match up against Dennis Smith Jr. defense. We love to attack Dallas at point guard and Paul's price leaves room for upside. He is an excellent tournament play on this slate, as he could go overlooked because of the paced down match up with Dallas.


  • Ben Simmons $7,600 vs. Bulls: It is always tough to roster Ben Simmons because of inability and lack of willingness to score. However, at this price I have to take advantage and buy low on some Ben Simmons. He fills up the stat sheet and still gets to the rim at ease. We love to attack Bulls guards and with his size he is essentially match up proof. The 76ers are also banged up at guard. Redick and McConnell have already been ruled out for tonight's game and Bayless is currently questionable. Look for Simmons to play big minutes tonight in a home game against the Bulls.


  • Honorable Mentions: Kemba Walker $8,000 / Kyle Lowry $7,900 / J.J. Barea $4,500



Shooting Guard:


  • DeMar DeRozan $8,300 at Hawks: The Atlanta Hawks are one of my favorite teams to attack at shooting guard because they give up fantasy points in bunches to opposing shooting guards. DeMar has proven all season that he is no longer a one trick pony, as he has improved his play making ability to create shots for his teammates. DeMar should be safe in all formats on this slate. 


  • Lou Williams $8,100 vs. Celtics: Sweet Lou is one of my favorite player's to roster from the late game if you want exposure to the late game hammer. His price has fallen and I want to take advantage of that. He's another all star snub and should be motivated to come out and score. Normally, I hate to attack the Celtics but this is their second game of a back to back in Los Angeles and with Lou's scoring ability he is pretty much match up proof to me. When he gets hot, no one is stopping him. 


  • Honorable Mentions: Victor Oladipo $9,200 / Devin Booker $8,500 / Eric Gordon $5,600



Small Forward:


  • Jayson Tatum $5,600 at Clippers: The dynamic wing duo of Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum has reaped huge benefits for the Celtics as they have filled in admirably for the injury Gordon Hayward. It's been tough for me to decide between the two night in and night out, but because of price and the fact that Tatum put up a huge stinker last night, I like Tatum for tournaments tonight. This is almost a pure recency bias play for me, as ownership should be down. We can attack the Clippers at every position, so this is a great spot for Tatum to bounce back and continue his great three point shooting season. 


  • Taurean Prince $4,800 vs. Raptors: Remember when Prince used to be a popular player to roster? What happened to that Prince? He's had a rough few weeks in terms of fantasy production, but in their last game he finally managed to score double figures. He has always been a capable scorer, so hopefully last game was a positive sign for him to turn it around. Prince is so cheap and still sees strong minutes. He is a sneaky tournament play that will likely go low owned on this slate. 


  • Honorable Mentions: Andrew Wiggins $6,900 / Robert Covington $5,700 / Lance Stephenson $4,400



Power Forward:


  • Anthony Davis $10,800 at Hornets: Teammate, DeMarcus Cousins is coming off a monster 100 DK point outing and should be a popular play tonight. So while most will go to Cousins, I think AD is a strong pivot as his price stayed the same as it was when they played the Bulls. He didn't get priced up as much as Cousins did and he gets a strong match up against Marvin Williams and Frank Kaminsky. None of those guys can guard Davis. Always risky to roster The Brow because of a potential injury, but he is an excellent tournament play tonight. 


  • Serge Ibaka $4,900 at Hawks: Similar to Prince, what has happened to Serge Ibaka? He's had a rough stretch recently in terms of fantasy production, but there is no better "get right" spot than playing the Atlanta Hawks. I love to attack Hawks bigs and I expect Serge to bounce back tonight in a big way. He should be overlooked since he hasn't been playing very well lately. 


  • Honorable Mentions: Blake Griffin $9,000 / Nikola Mirotic $6,400 / Montrezl Harrell $4,700





  • Joel Embiid $9,700 vs. Bulls: Poor Robin Lopez! He just got dominated by Cousins and now he has to face off against The Process, Joel Embiid. This game currently has one of the highest over/unders of the night at 219, so a Simmons/Embiid stack could be glorious! 


  • Clint Capela $6,600 at Mavericks: Capela is a center that gets often overlooked because he rarely gets over 30 minutes in games. At this price, Capela only needs about 25-30 minutes because it is a juicy match up with Dallas. The Rockets are undefeated this season when CP3/Harden/Capela play. A big reason is because Capela is the beneficiary of the easy buckets at the rim. If you roster Capela tonight, make sure you stack him with either Chris Paul or James Harden. 


  • Honorable Mentions: DeMarcus Cousins $11,600 / Dwight Howard $8,200 / Rudy Gobert $7,400



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