Point Guard:


I am in love with this position tier: Dame Lillard, Kemba Walker, Kyle Lowry, Jerian Grant or Dejounte Murray.


Like most nights, I will be paying up for point guard. Dame’s price is rising but he had a “bad” game last time out and he still scored 36 fantasy points. This Minnesota and Portland game can be a sneaky shoot-out and I want the player who will have the ball in their hands the most and that is Dame. Kemba has been a good cash game play for well over a month. New Orleans struggles to stop point guards and I don’t see that trend ending tonight, Kemba is a great play in cash and GPP’s. Kyle Lowry faces the Atlanta Hawks and we know how bad they are at defending every position especially point guards. He hasn’t been great verses Atlanta in two games but that seems fluky to me. He is averaging 17/6/6 on the year and if he just has an average night he will be fine. Grants price has gone way up and it scares me to play him but he is fine for tonight, just don’t expect another 50 burger. Dejounte Murray showed us exactly why Pop went to him last night. He scored 52 fantasy points but this matchup is a little bit tougher. I am still rolling him out there in some lineups because he has that Russell Westbrook ability where he can explode and fill up the stat sheet. If Parker sits tonight because of the back to back, I will lock him in.





Shooting Guard:


Good upside tonight tier: Victor Oladipo, Andrew Wiggins and Alec Burks



Last game the Pacers went against the Suns it was a blowout and Oladipo played only 21 minutes but he put up 34 fantasy points. If this game stays close he should get us close to a 50 burger and that makes him a great play in all formats. Jimmy Butler is doubtful for the game tonight which means Minnesota will let Wiggins go nuts again. He might get some tougher defenders on him this game but he will shoot the ball 25 times and play big minutes. For cash games that is exactly what you are looking for. Alec Burks should see between 20-25 minutes with Rodney Hood out again tonight. If you want a cheaper option at shooting guard with big upside then Burks is your guy. I think I am going to ride the Wiggins train one more time tonight.





Small Forward:


Just shoot me in the face now tier: Robert Covington, Davis Bertans and Harrison Barnes


Small forward is ugly again tonight. I want safety at a position that I am down on and safe sex Harrison Barnes might be a lock for me tonight. He gets a big bump in pace against Houston and if this game stays close it will be because of Harrison Barnes or Dennis Smith Jr. Robert Covington is still at a good price point and he should be good for around 25 fantasy points tonight. I don’t know about you but whenever I see Davis Bertans play basketball it makes me wish I was 6’8. LaMarcus Aldridge will miss this game and he should be in line for another start. He is a good way to save salary tonight and he should be good for 20 fantasy points which is all we need from him. Covington and Bertans are a little risky but Barnes is the safest play in the best matchup.





Power Forward:


The white guy tier strikes again: Lauri Markkanen, Domantas Sabonis and Dario Saric


Markkanen and Saric face off against each tonight in the battle of the tall goofy white guy battle. I am hoping both just attack each and both shoot the ball 15 times. Both are sneaky good rebounders and this game has shoot out potential written all over it. Saric is a little cheaper and he has scored over 30 fantasy points in three straight games. Last time these two teams met, Saric went off for 27 points and eight rebounds, Saric seems to be the play. Sabonis has been up and down all year but against the Suns earlier in the year he grabbed 14 rebounds! Awesome, right? Well he scored just four points. If he can be more aggressive on the offensive side of the ball he should have no problem getting us 30 fantasy points. All three scare me a little and at this point it is personal preference. I am leaning towards Saric for cash games and all three make good GPP plays.







Lots of options at center tonight….tier: Both pelicans big men, Joel Embiid and Marc Gasol


Boogie and AD are always cash game options but AD has the better matchup. Say what you want about Dwight Howard he is still a good defender who can give opposing big men problems. AD will get Marvin Williams or Frank the tank defense which sounds a lot more appealing. Joel Embiid gets Robin Lopez, do I have to say more? I shouldn’t but I will, does anyone else remember what the last center did against him? DeMarcus Cousins scored 103 fantasy points on DK. Embiid has big upside and he has the potential to put up a 70 spot tonight. Marc Gasol gets to face his brother Pau, where’s the L? Marc should pow pow Pau tonight and he saves a bunch of money from the other top priced players. He has been average at best but this is a good matchup for him.


Dunks of the day: Kemba Walker, Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid and Dejounte Murray



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