Results from Wednesday, January 17th:



Point Guard:

  • Dennis Schroder $7,500: 46.25 points
  • Jamal Murray $5,700: DNP


Shooting Guard:

  • Jrue Holiday $6,700: 35.50 points
  • Will Barton $5,500: 39 points


Small Forward:

  • Kawhi Leonard $8,700: DNP
  • Justin Holiday $5,200: 16 points


Power Forward:

  • Blake Griffin $9,000: 42.50 points
  • Kristaps Porzingis $8,000: 51.25 points



  • DeMarcus Cousins $10,800: 52.50 points
  • Steven Adams $6,500: 37 points



Top Plays for Monday, January 22nd:




Point Guard:


  • Damian Lillard $8,800 at Nuggets: Dame gets a juicy match up against Denver guards tonight in Denver. He has been shooting well from behind the arc lately and I look for his great shooting to continue. Dame is my favorite point guard to pay up for on this slate. I also don't mind stacking him in a lineup with Nurkic, since its a revenge game for him as well. 


  • Eric Bledsoe $8,200 vs. Suns: Bledsoe is almost a no-brainer on this slate. No Giannis because of injury. Playing way up in pace. Revenge game against his former team. He's going to be a popular play tonight, but sometimes chalk isn't always a bad thing. 


  • Honorable Mentions: Chris Paul $9,700 / Tyreke Evans $8,400 / J.J. Barea $4,700



Shooting Guard:


  • Lou Williams $8,500 vs. Timberwolves: Lou Will has had a great season up to this point and his strong play should continue tonight in a home battle against Minnesota. I still think he is a great play even if Jimmy Butler is active tonight because he is what we call a "professional scorer" and he is basically match up proof. 


  • Jrue Holiday $7,200 vs. Bulls: Jrue gets to face off against his brother tonight, but I prefer Jrue in tournaments. He is priced fairly and we love to attack Bulls guards. I think there is so much room for upside at this price and Jrue has been having a great offensive season this year. He's even taking away some usage from AD and Boogie. 


  • Honorable Mentions: Bradley Beal $7,400 / Justin Holiday $5,900 / Wayne Ellington $5,300



Small Forward:


  • Khris Middleton $8,700 vs. Suns: I would say that Middleton should be a sneaky pivot off of chalk-Bledsoe, but Middleton is coming off a monster game where he got a triple double. I look for both Middleton and Bledsoe to be rather popular plays tonight, but its Phoenix and everyone knows that we love to attack the Suns everywhere. With no Giannis, they will both absorb more usage. Both are strong tournament plays tonight and Vegas expects this game to stay close because they only have the Bucks favored by 4.5 points. 


  • Josh Richardson $6,300 at Rockets: Richardson is a strong pivot off of Middleton if you want to play the ownership game. He's substantially cheaper and gets a great match up playing way up in pace against the Rockets. If both Dragic and Johnson are to miss tonight'sgame, Richardson would become a strong play in all formats. He has been so safe lately and the match up with Houston will provide opportunity for upside. 


  • Honorable Mentions: T.J. Warren $6,800 / Andrew Wiggins $6,100 / Robert Covington $5,400



Power Forward:


  • Lauri Markkanen $6,700 at Pelicans: Davis and Cousins have been great offensively this season, but it is no secret that the dynamic duo struggles on the defensive end. Markkanen has had a surprisingly strong rookie season and has flashed his DFS upside a handful of times this season. This match up is a juicy spot for Markkanen to have a big game. Love him in tournaments tonight. 


  • Trey Lyles $5,300 vs. Trail Blazers: Lyles is one of my favorite mid-tier priced guys to play on this slate because he should go overlooked in tournaments. When given the opportunity, he has shown that he can produce in a big way. The Nuggets want to play Jokic as more of a traditional center so Lyles will be starting at the power forward position. The match up isn't the best, but at this price and the three point bonus DK gives us I think Lyles will go under the radar in tournaments tonight. 


  • Honorable Mentions: Anthony Davis $10,800 / James Johnson $5,600 / John Collins $4,700





  • Dwight Howard $8,100 vs. Kings: Dwight is in a smash spot tonight. He gets to play at home against the Kings. We love to attack the Kings at center so I expect Dwight to come through in a big way tonight. He's safe in all formats on this slate. Maybe since this Kings/Hornets game isn't on the main slate for FanDuel, Dwight gets slightly overlooked. 


  • Rudy Gobert $7,000 at Hawks: Gobert is strictly a tournament-only play for me on this slate because his minutes still worry me a bit. He seems to be creeping into the 30 minute mark, so that is a positive sign. Especially since he gets an elite match up against the Hawks. The Hawks are another team we love to attack at center and Robert seems to be fully recovered from his injury, it is simply a matter of opportunity. Will he get enough minutes to smash? 


  • Honorable Mentions: Karl-Anthony Towns $9,500 / Marc Gasol $7.600 / Hassan Whiteside $7,600



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