Point Guard:


Dame Lillard - Dame has been a lock in both my cash game and GPP lineups. I love to play him this time of year because he always has a chip on his shoulder from not being named an All-Star. Over his last six games he has scored over 40 fantasy points and in half those games he got us three juicy 50 burgers. He now gets Jamal “broken arrow” Murray defense and along with the Eagles going to the super bowl, my juices are flowing. Dame is a building block tonight in our cash games tonight.


Donovan Mitchell - This kid can ball. Right now he is my rookie of the year. Over his last 11 games he has scored over 30 fantasy points and now he gets an Atlanta Hawks teams that loves to give up points to opposing guards. Rodney Hood might miss this game and if he does, that opens up about 15 more shots and I am expecting for Mitchell to get most of them. Big upside here and he is safe for our cash games tonight.


Kemba Walker - For fantasy purposes, I hope Kemba doesn’t get traded. He has been solid over the last month and now he will face a weak Sacramento Kings back court. If you play Kemba tonight, I would pair him up with Dwight Howard who also gets a nice match-up. I am doing everything possible to pair Kemba, Dame and Donovan up tonight in every lineup.




Shooting Guard:


Khris Middleton - Man, his price might be too high for me to play him tonight. Giannis will miss this game again and this is an ideal game for Middleton. When Giannis is out, Middleton has been a stud. Last game he scored over 60 fantasy points and recorded a triple double.  What I plan on doing is doing the rest of my lineup and saving shooting guard for last, if I have the extra money with the lineup I like, then I’ll squeeze Middleton. I just don’t want to force him in my lineups at that price. Huge upside but he has been a six to seven thousand dollar player all year and T.J. Warren is a good defender. I won’t be mad at you if you play him, I promise.


Bogdan Bogdan(ovic) - If he was American his name would be John Johnson. Can you guess how many games in a row he has scored over 20 fantasy points? I’ll wait….if you guessed 12, you are right! Or you probably cheated but I keep playing him in my cash games and it’s been working out. His minutes have been good and his price is still at a point where he makes sense for cash. If you are stuck on who to play here and want to get someone low owned, he is the white Harrison Barnes with his production. Boring but safe for cash games.


Josh Richardson - He has some stupid looking hair but he has been consistent for over a month. Hopefully Tyler Johnson takes one more game off because this is a dream game for J-Rich. He’s been playing big minutes and he has been good for around 30 fantasy points a night. Let’s hope he stays aggressive like last game when he shot the ball 20 times. Either way he should be a good play for cash games.


Tyrone Wallace - Tyrone Wallace has played over 30 minutes a game over the last two weeks. He has showed his ceiling when he scored 40 fantasy points but I am not expecting that if I am rostering him. He should be good for around 20 fantasy points and at his price that is all I am looking for. No real upside but he is a way to save some money tonight.




Small Forward:


This whole position is a mess tonight. I might just play it safe with Harrison Barnes, T.J. Warren or sneak in Wesley Matthews. All are safe cash game plays but just don’t get the juices flowing. If you want to get extra crazy tonight you can play Tony Snell who is starting for Giannis. Snell just sits in the corner and shoots threes. He might be the most boring player in the league but he will see big minutes and hopefully a rebound or two will fall in his hands tonight. On DK, it is a little easier because you can squeeze in a shooting guard with dual eligibly there but overall this position makes me want to throw up. I’m most likely playing it safe with Harrison Barnes or Wesley Matthews.




Power Forward:


James Johnson - Let’s take a chance tonight on James Johnson. This game fits his style of play and if Dragic misses this game, he could see the ball in his hands more. He has the potential to get us 40 fantasy points if everything goes right but he should be good for at least 25 fantasy points tonight.


Skal Labissiere - Skal has been a lock in my cash games not because I think he is extremely talented but he has been starting and his price is too low to ignore. On DK, he is too cheap not to have in our cash games. If you want a more balanced lineup or a stars and scrubs, he fits in nicely for both types of lineups.


Dario Saric - Memphis has been weak against power forwards this year and Saric should be a lock for around 25 fantasy points. Without JJ Redick in the lineup and Ben Simmons can’t make a jump shot, he should be one of the top offensive options on the slate tonight. Marc Gasol could slow down Embiid tonight and with that being the case he should get more shots. All signs are pointing for a good game out of Saric tonight.






DeMarcus Cousins - He’s a fixture in cash games. He should be a lock for around 50 fantasy points and at any moment he could just take over and get us a 70 taco? It just gets the juices flowing when he will be facing Robin “side show bob” Lopez and there is no reason why he shouldn’t be the highest scorer of the night. There’s a reason he is the highest priced player on DK tonight and if you are looking to pay up for someone, it should be Cousins.


Dwight Howard - Dwight has put up 40 plus fantasy points in five of his last six games. Now he faces one of the worst defensive front courts in the league in Sacramento. He will face Willie Cauley-Stein who has been a punching bag for opposing centers. If you play Dwight, I would pair him up with Kemba, just in case you forgot that I said it a page earlier. What I love about playing Dwight is that he gets us blocks and steals and on FD, that is a gold mine. Love me some Dwight tonight and you should too.



Dunks of the night: Dame Lillard, Kemba Walker, Dwight Howard and Khris Middleton



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