Point Guard:


Top priced tier: Dame Lillard or Kyrie Irving


Both are in good spots tonight and they could be solid building blocks for our teams. Dame gets a boost in pace against the Suns and Kyrie is a safe boring play but his ceiling isn’t too high anymore. If you want to lock in around 35-40 fantasy points from one of your point guards these two make for good plays. Dame is more expensive but he has showed the ability to get a 50 burger and Kyrie hasn’t done that in over a month. I would lean more towards Dame but I wouldn’t be mad at you if you went with Kyrie in cash.


$6,500 and lower/value tier:  Jeff Teague, Yogi Ferrell, Dennis Smith Jr. or Tyler Ulis


I am rostering Teague and Ferrell in my cash and GPP lineups tonight. J.J. Barea will miss tonight’s game and over the last three games he has seen over 33 minutes. With three straight games of 30 or more fantasy points it will be hard not to roster him at his price. The last time Jeff Teague faced the Magic he scored 49 fantasy points. It’s no secret that Orlando can’t stop point guards and Teague is at a good price tonight. Dennis Smith has been consistent but I would rather play Teague tonight because they are around the same price. Tyler Ulis seems to be getting the majority of minutes for the Suns at point guard and he is a good way to save some money. If you pay down at PG tonight you can afford two studs.




Shooting Guard:


Top priced tier: Jimmy Butler, Devin Booker, C.J. McCollum


Jimmy Butler is the safest of these three going tonight. He should have no problem getting us 40 fantasy points and he has the best match-up. The last time Phoenix and Portland played C.J. had a pretty good game (23/5/6) and Booker went for 23/5/4. Both had similar games and are around the same price. I would rather pay up for Butler if I am choosing from this group. All should be safe for cash tonight and all make for good GPP plays.


Let’s take a chance and hope they don’t crap the bed tier: E’Twaun Moore, Evan Turner or Mario Hezonja


If you aren’t playing a point guard at shooting guard on DK or paying up, here are some players that could win us some money. Moore will get the most minutes out of the group but Boston plays good defense as a team. Evan Turner could get more minutes tonight if Shabazz misses tonight. If you want to play Super Mario (Luigi is the better character, get out of my face if you don’t agree) he has been consistent with his minutes and production of late. All three are around the same price but Turner playing up in pace could have the best night.




Small Forward:


Just a bunch of blah at this position/tier: Andrew Wiggins, Trey Lyles, Al-Farouq Aminu or Wesley Matthews


Small forward is uber ugly tonight. I highly recommended paying for Andrew Wiggins or Trey Lyles tonight. Every other play is just poop going up poop creek. Wiggins and Lyles are the safest plays and should get us between 25-35 tonight. I want to play it safe and not take too many chances here. Aminu does well in fast paced game and this could be a night where he could get us around 25 fantasy points but that is risky. Wesley Matthews will get the minutes but he could just sit in a corner all game and get us nothing. I’ll say it again, pay for Wiggins and/or Lyles tonight.





Power Forward:


Finally, some reliable players tier: Anthony Davis or Al Horford


You can go two ways here if you are paying up. You can go Anthony Davis who can get us 80 but he can also leave any game because he gets a boo-boo. Another way is safe sex Al Horford and you can get his 25-35 point and be happy. A.D. is more of a GPP play but he has been safe when he plays which makes him safe for cash. Al is the face of a cash game play and I have no problem with this play but I might want to go extra sexy tonight and pay up for A.D.


Two white guys who should be considered for cash: Mason Plumlee or Old man Dirk


Both will get between 20-25 points tonight and if you play them that is exactly what you should be expecting. Dirk is a little more expensive but he is old and brittle and will only see around 25 minutes tonight. Plumlee is cheap and he has been a fixture in my cash game lineups. Every night I roster him all I expect is around 20 fantasy points and anything more makes the juices flow. Both are safe and boring but should be in our cash game lineups.






Center is loaded like usual tonight. I will be paying up for Boogie Cousins because they have nobody on that roster that can stop him. I am feeling extra frisky tonight and I am playing both him and A.D. in my lineups. Nikola Jokic is cheaper then Cousins and if you want to save some money with good upside than Jokic is the play. He has disappeared in games which makes him risky but A.D. has been hurt around 275 times this year so just pick your poison. If you want to pay down for center than I would recommended Tyson Chandler. He will get around 10 rebounds and if he can get us 10 points and a block or two he will have us all doing the no pants dance. I love Boogie tonight but on DK you can find some value for Chandler or Mason Plumlee.



Dunks of the night: DeMarcus Cousins, Jeff Teague and Yogi Ferrell



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