Tonight’s Feature



Cast - James Bond

Victor Oladipo (FD - $9500, DK - $9000) 

Dipo is a secret agent.  Well maybe who knows.  He is however making being a Pacer fan seem cool.  This should be a tight game tonight with a 220.5 over/under.  Cleveland doesn’t have anyone that can stop Oladipo from doing what he wants.  

Cast - Alec Trevelyan

Kevin Durant (FD - $10600, DK - $10200)

The haunting and dangerous KD is in play this evening.  With Curry out I will always put KD in.  He gets a 3.4% usage bump with Curry out.  The possibility of an over 70 fantasy point night is to good for me to pass up.

Cast - M

Damian Lillard (FD - $9000, DK - $8600) 

Dame will always be Judy.  It is written in the stars.  $9000 is a little scary pay but it is such a tasty matchup against Pelicans that a big performance is possible.  They played earlier this season and Dame put out 49 FD points.  He is going to be in about 50% of my lineups tonight.

Others I Like

Enes Kanter (FD - $5300, DK - $5800)

Will Barton (FD - $6000, DK - $5500) 

Gerald Green (FD - $4800, DK - $5500)

Aaron Gordon (FD - $7100, DK - $7700) 

Dragon Bender (FD - $3500, DK - $4300)

Spencer Dinwiddie (FD - $6700, DK - $6600)

Clip of the Day



Directed By:  Phil Senzig @philaphonic28