Point Guard:


The stud (chubby midget) tier: Chris Paul


If I am paying up tonight at point guard it will be with Chris Paul. CP3 is a chubby midget and every player in the NBA hates him but that shouldn’t stop up from rostering him tonight. He is in a great match-up against Phoenix where he actually has the height advantage over Tyler Ulis if he gets the start. He has been great over his last four games (44 plus fantasy points) and this game will be high scoring. He is a safe play for cash and if he keeps trying to run up the score that is fine with me in fantasy terms.


 Safe consistent tier: Kemba Walker or Dame Lillard


If Kemba keeps shooting the ball over 25 times a game he should be a lock in our cash game lineups. Both have decent match-ups and are basically the same player. This will be a personal preference if you want to pay up at point guard. Dame fills up the stat sheet a little more and he is the safer play but over the last five games Kemba has scored over 37 fantasy points. I would rather pay up for CP3 but if you want consistency at point guard tonight, these two make for good plays.




Let’s take a gamble tier: Spencer Dinwiddie, Jamal Murray or Tyler Ulis


These is the tier that can win us money or make us want to slam our face into a wall. Murray will get the most minutes and has showed that he can get a 50 burger on any night. Gary Harris has been ruled out and that will boost his usage rate by four percent. Dinwiddie has also showed us that he can get us 50 but his minutes are tough to figure out and that makes for a risky play. Ulis might get the start again if Isaiah Canaan doesn’t play again. He is cheap and could be a way to save some money tonight. Don’t expect a monster night but if he gets us 20-25 fantasy points at his price that will be fine for cash games.


Shooting Guard:

Paying up tier: Victor Oladipo, Eric Gordon or Devin Booker

I recommend attacking shooting guard in two ways tonight, pay up or finding a mid-tier priced player. There are three options that stick out to me, Oladipo, Gordon or Booker. I am trying on DK to squeeze all three in my lineup because they all could get us 40 easily. Booker hasn’t been great since coming back from injury but he is in a great spot against Houston. Gordon has been better in the assist category but he could easily just turn into a shooter tonight and that hurts his value. Oladipo is a building block for me tonight and he is only $800 more than Booker on DK. All three are fine for cash games but if you are choosing one in cash I would go Oladipo.


Middle tier: Gerald Green or Will Barton

Both can turn into one trick ponies quickly but they are both in great spots tonight and they are the same price on DK at $5,500. This is a little risky for cash game plays but Gerald is seeing around 30 minutes a night and with Gary Harris sitting out, Barton should get plenty of shots and court time. If you are playing a GPP, you might want to throw both in their because if they can fall into a couple of rebounds and get some assist they can have monster nights at their price.


Small Forward:

The middle tier price range: Michael Beasley, Trey Lyles or T.J. Warren

The studs at small forward have been average at best recently and I am looking for high upside at small forward. I won’t be paying up tonight for cash game at small forward instead I will look at the middle tier. Beasley has now scored three straight 40 plus fantasy points games in a row and his price is still under $6,000 on DK. Trey Lyles will get us between 25-35 tonight and with the injury to Gary Harris that will open up more court time and shots. T.J. Warren could easily go for a 40 burger tonight in the fast-paced game vs Houston. Getting two out of the three in our lineups would be smart tonight.


Power Forward:

The white guy tier: Dragan Bender, Ersan Illyasova or Ryan Anderson

Ersan is the safest play tonight and should get us between 25-30 fantasy points. Dragan is starting tonight for Chriss but in his last start he only scored 8 fantasy points. If there was a spot of where he could flourish, it would be against Ryan Anderson. He did well in his last game filling in for Chriss as he scored 43 fantasy points in 39 minutes. I don’t care about the 43 fantasy points because that is point chasing but if he gets big minutes again he will be a lock for me in cash. Ryan Anderson is always risky but it is well known that he shoots better on the road and he could have a big night against Phoenix. All three have risk but if we can find out how many minutes Dragan could play tonight, that could make him a lock in cash. 


More white guys and a big black guy tier: Kevin Love, Enes Kanter or DeMarcus Cousins

Kevin Love has been awful the last couple of games but that could makes him a great play tonight. He will get Domantas Sabonis defense and if that doesn’t get him out of his slump I don’t know what else will. The hardest part about playing Kanter is figuring out how many minutes he will get but over his last three games he has seen at least 25 minutes which is plenty for him to have a good game. I love to attack KAT defense and if he can stay on the court he could have a monster game. Then there is the complete opposite of these two and that is DeMarcus Cousins. In his two games for Portland this year he has averaged 58 fantasy points (38/10 average for the two games). He is the safest and also has the highest floor out of 99% of the players in the NBA. Boogie might be too good to pass up tonight in cash. 


Dunks of the night: Victor Oladipo, T.J. Warren, Chris Paul and Dragan Bender


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