Well, it looks like the chalk plays came back to bite us again last night but this time in a completely different way. Westbrook was the can’t miss play of the day and Carmelo was finally going to be freed and now he can score as many baskets as he wanted. Westbrook had an alright game but I think we all forgot who Carmelo Anthony is, he’s washed up and it doesn’t matter who is out for this team. He will still crap the bed because that’s just the player he is.

Tonight is a new night and we must put last night behind us. Tonight is a tricky slate because we have studs in great positions but it is hard to even fit two of them in our lineups because then we will be going the stars and scrubs method. Let’s try to find a well-balanced team for our cash games tonight. Here are my plays and give me a follow on twitter or a shout out and I’ll answer your questions in slack (@lawrencedoto). Good luck everyone.



Point Guard:


Eric Bledsoe - He has a good match-up against the Dallas Mavericks and there is a good chance he will go off. Every one of the Mavs point guards are small and can’t play defense. Bledsoe is too fast and strong for them and there is no reason why he shouldn’t bully them all night. Good price, good upside and low ownership. That is the fantasy trifecta right there.

Darren Collison - I get him wrong every time I play him but now he gets to face the Cavs who struggle defending opposing point guards. On DK his price might be too good to ignore, he is $5,900 and if he is making his shots there is no reason why he doesn’t get us at least 30 DK points. This is a boring OTPHJ (over the pants hand job) kind of play but I’m alright with that. In my cash games I don’t want to have to worry about a magic mountain player, this play is boring and I like it.

Other plays I like: Patty Mills, Fred Van Fleet, Devin Harris



Shooting Guard:


Victor Oladipo - I don’t care how high his price gets, he is playing like a top ten player in the league right now. He plays big minutes, gives us production in every category and this will be an up and down game. He’s had only a couple of off games and those were because of a blow out or an off night for him. Consistency is what I love and there isn’t anyone in DFS that gets me going right now like Oladipo. Lock and load tonight, he is my dunk of the night.

Gary Harris - Gary Harris is playing huge minutes and his usage rate is going up. The Nuggets will be playing up in pace and this game will stay close. For some reason this feels like an overtime type of game and this game oozes fantasy goodness. Harris is an under the radar play tonight and if you are going for a more balanced lineup tonight he is the perfect play in cash games.

Other plays I like: J.J. Barea, Jrue Holiday, Buddy Hield



Small Forward:


Kevin Durant/LeBron James - It is extremely hard not to fit at least one of them in your cash game lineups tonight. I like the price on KD on DK a lot ($10,700) and I don’t care how chalky they both will be.  Whoever you play tonight in cash, they will have at least one of them in their lineups and it will be hard to match their production from other players. KD put up 72 DK points and his price only went up $600. This will be the last time he is priced this low without Steph in the lineup. LeBron has a great match-up against Indy. He will go lower owned because of the price tag and KD’s last game. Both are great plays and I am trying to find a way to squeeze both in my cash game lineups tonight.

Rudy Gay - His price on DK is like Viagra and you know what I’m talking about. He is starting for the Spurs for at least tonight and over the last two games he has scored over 35 DK points. I keep putting him in my lineups and it’s been working. This is the last game of the night so if you want exposure to it with a good price player who will see big minutes, Rudy is a solid play tonight.

Other plays I like: Tobias Harris, Thad Young, Jayson Tatum



Power Forward:


LaMarcus Aldridge - He has been average the last two games and that makes me love this play even more. I don’t care what you say about Al Horford he is an over rated defender and gets bullied quiet often in the paint. Aldridge’s rebounds were down last game and there is no reason why he can’t grab at least 10 boards tonight. He will go over looked and I know I will be the only one playing him in my cash games. Lock and load tonight because Kawhi is coming back Saturday.

Zach Randolph - This will be a tough match-up for Zbo because he will be matched up against Boogie Cousins but he is the whole Kings offense at this point. They have very little depth in their front court and I am hoping they start Kosta Koufos tonight at center so that allows Zbo to bully whoever the Pelcians run out there at power forward. Big daddy, weed selling (allegedly), flip phone, old man game Zach Randolph should have a good game tonight.

Trey Lyles - Is this a thing now? He has been extremely consistent the last four games and he seems to be getting at least 22 minutes a night. I need to do a little bit more research on this and I will be asking the Slack group about him but as right now, he is in my cash game lineups at only $4,000.

Other plays I like: Marvin Williams or Jeff Green





Boogie Cousins - Uhhhh ya think? No dooyyy. You play the most dominate player in the league. He just came off a 40 point 20 rebound night and now he gets to face his old team! I need to find a way to get him in my cash game lineups. He will be the first player to ever be over 100% owned tonight butttt let’s not get too crazy remember Westbrook last night? If his emotions get the best of him and I am guessing that Kosta Koufos knows how to get under his skin, he could pick up early fouls or get a T early. I’m trying not to over think this but he is my other slam dunk of the night but remember it’s DFS and anything can happen.

Al Horford - Just a boring make out kind of play. He will get you his stats but if you watch the game you will be yelling at the t.v. because he is the least aggressive player on the court at times. This would be a good pivot off of boogie tonight and again this would be a good play to get exposure in the late game. If you aren’t feeling sexy tonight and just want to cuddle, Horford is your play tonight.

Other plays I like: Nikola Vucevic or John Henson



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