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Stacks on stacks on stacks.  Today we need to pull the ultimate heist and get stacks of money.  First, we will need to find our Danny Ocean to lead the way.  After that we will need our Rusty Ryan to get together our crew.  Why do I keep saying stacks, you may ask?  With a small slate like this I am going to try and stack games because glory tonight will most likely be found on a pure points basis and not based off finding the most scrubs to hit value.






Danny Ocean



Russell Westbrook (FD - $11500, DK - $12000)


Danny Ocean led his crew to a 160-million-dollar score and we need Russ to lead us to well the top prize of everything we are playing tonight.  I believe it is a toss up between rolling with Harden or Westy tonight.  Yes, I will probably roll some lineups out with both.  I put together the numbers for Westbrook and Harden over their last 4 games to determine which player I thought had the most potential to smash.                                                                 


So, they are relatively close to each other.  Being the same price on FD makes me look at the pace and it heavily leans towards Westbrook.  On DK it is a $1000 difference.  How can we get to him over Harden there?  It comes back to pace and the triple double bonus.  Even if Paul George starts to go crazy I think Westbrook can still get around 60.  If Paul George is having one of his off nights, Westbrook should hit some huge numbers.



Rusty Ryan



Donovan Mitchell (FD - $7500, DK - $7200)

Rusty Ryan is oozing swagger.  So is Donovan Mitchell.  He is leading this Utah team as a rookie and everyone on the team seems to be fine with it.  He is getting the minutes now and has so much confidence he is taking shots whenever he wants.  Over 3 of the last 4 games he has had over 35 minutes and has taken 22 shots in 2 of his last 3 games.  The game that he didn’t was the Wizards blowout.  This should be a tight contest and Mitchell will shine.  He is still too cheap on both sites.  In two of the last 3 he has scored over 48 points on both sites.



The Crew



Now that we have the leaders of the crew we need to fill out the rest of the lineup.  This is where the stacks come in.  I have listed 3 guys for each site that will benefit you to stack tonight.  However, you can choose your crew however you choose.  You can be Danny Ocean tonight.



DK Stack – PHO vs. WAS


TJ Warren (DK - $6500)

The algorithm on DK is usually slow to adjust this year and that is the case here.  I am stacking this game on DK almost exclusively because of this error as I see it on their part.  He has shown this year he can smash this price and without Booker his usage will see a bump from its normal 22.3%.

Tyler Ulis (DK - $4400)

Same as with Warren.  He will see a usage and minute bump with Booker out.  He has shown upside at this price before scoring 32.75 DK points against Philly and 30.75 points against LA.

Kelly Oubre Jr. (DK - $5000)

I know I keep putting Oubre in this article, but his price makes him a good GPP play.  After one down game (not including the blowout) he has shown that he can get you around that 30-point mark if not higher.  He scored 30 DK points last night and this was with Beal going off.  In 3 of his last 5 games he has scored 30 points, 39.75 points, and 29.5 points.




FD Stack - LA vs. PHI


Kyle Kuzma (FD - $5400)

Over the last two games he has scored 25 and 40.4 FD points.  He has had 26 and 27 minutes in that time.  Before his injury he was giving you 35,39,25, and 38 minutes.  I think he should be just around 30 minutes tonight as he was in the first game against Philly.  He has gotten over 40 FD points twice in the last 15 days and over 25 points four times.  Therefore, I am going with him over Randle and Nance.

Jordan Clarkson (FD - $4500)

His minutes have been up as of late.  Outside of the Houston game he has had 25 or more minutes.  In those 4 games he is averaging 28.45 FD points.  Outside of this the last time LA faced the Sixers he put up 40.7 FD points.

JJ Reddick (FD - $5700)

JJ has been pretty consistent this year.  In his last 3 games he has put up 28.7, 32.9, and 32.1 FD points.  I also expect some transition threes to be there for the taking tonight.  The Lakers lead the league in turnovers so far, this season with 17.1 turnovers.  You know who is second on that list?  The Sixers.  I expect a lot of running back and forth in this game and this will allow shooters to be open.



Directed By:  Phil Senzig @philaphonic28