You know what the worst part about playing chalk players is? When they hit, they hit for everybody and the scores are through the roof. This is one of the main reasons why I have turned to cash games. I scored a smooth 300 and I won. I am going to start focusing my articles on the cash plays of the day. Me giving GPP advice isn’t as beneficial than as it coming from the other writers who are good tournament players.

Before I choose who I play, I decide who I am playing against. On DK this is a lot easier because next to each play it gives a badge. If the play has no badge or a low ranking badge, I target them right away in cash games. After that I see what teams are playing up in pace, tonight it’s the Jazz and OKC. I will target players in this game for the Jazz because they will get extra possessions because they are going against Houston. The next thing is I lock in my studs, for tonight it’s Westbrook and it’s not even close with Paul George sitting out. Next I found value. Tonight, I like Tyson Chandler, Andre Roberson and Joe Ingles as under 5k players to get into my lineups. After that I like to squeeze in safe players like KCP, TJ Warren and tonight I like Steven Adams. Enough about me, here are my cash game plays for this glorious four game slate.


Point Guard

Russell Westbrook- Westbrook is a must play tonight in cash games. Not only is this a juicy match-up against the Nets, he gets a big bump in pace (The Nets rank fourth and OKC is 17th) and Paul George is out. Westbrook is finally starting to realize that Melo isn’t very good anymore and he need to go back to shooting the ball a ton. Over the last seven games he has shot 20 or more times in six of them, that is the Westbrook that we fell in love with last year. This is the highest his price has been on DK in a while but he is worth every penny tonight. Over his last eight games, he has topped 60 DK points in six of them. Lock and load tonight.

Ben Simmons (PF on FD)- He will be a popular play tonight in tournaments and cash games. Everyone still has the Lakers and Sixers games burned in their brains when Simmons and Embiid went bananas against them. On DK, you can lock him in at SF and that gives two players who can get you triple doubles tonight. In my cash games, I want safety when I pay up for studs and Simmons can get us points without scoring the ball.

Other plays I like: 

Mike James- Last game with Booker out he played 30 minutes and scored 42 DK points. The Suns don’t have much depth at guard and he could be in for a big workload tonight. 

Tomas Satoransky/Tim Frazier- They are both playing 24 minutes a game and they are around the same price. It’s just a matter of preference here. Good savings in cash game and both should get around 17-22 points. 

Shooting Guard:

James Harden- Harden will be the lowest own superstar of the night. He is in the worst match-up but he gives you a savings on DK from Westbrook. His floor is 50 points tonight and he has showed an 85 point ceiling. This Rockets will be playing down in pace and having Gobert back that could hurt him downlow when he is driving. It’s James Harden, he will still get his don’t worry about anything when roster Harden. 

Bradley Beal- Bradley Beal has finally broken out of his slump and the Judge nailed it in his core four the other night. You know what scares me about playing Beal? He scored 51 real points and ended up with 59 DK points, that doesn’t get the sexual juices flowing. He is more of a tournament play but in cash tonight against the Suns he should have a floor of around 35 and that is safe. 

Other plays I like:

Donovan Mitchell- Donovan Mitchell gets a huge bump in pace tonight (Jazz-26th Rockets-8th) but I am a little scared that CP3 will guard him and that could slow him down. However, CP3 is old and Mitchell should have no problem getting buckets tonight. The fast-paced game suits him well and I think he will be my cash game play at SG over Beal. 

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope- KCP is a lock for my lineups every night he plays. The sixers are awful at stopping opposing guards and he is a lock for 27-33 DK points tonight. That safety is a building block in my cash lineups and for whatever reason he gets looked over because he doesn’t have huge upside. He is safe and what wins money in cash games are these type of plays. Everyone will have their studs get them big points but where most people mess up is they play players with big upside but lower floors and that hurts them in cash games.

Small Forward

T.J. Warren- Without Devin Booker, Warren will have to carry more of the offensive load tonight. Him and KCP are usually locked in my lineups because of the big minutes they play and he has a good range from 25-40 DK point. Even in his off game he still fills up the other stats in the box score. The Wizards have been bad against SF and I can see a monster game for Warren tonight. Another safe play and lock and load in my lineups tonight. 

DeMarre Carroll- DeMarre Carroll is starting to become a lock in my cash game lineups too. He seems to get 25 FD points a night and when the Nets can keep the games close he gets over 30 minutes a night. His upside isn’t great but he is just a safe sex kind of play. Not every player needs to go off for 60 on any night. To win in cash you need those safe sex plays because let’s be honest, safe sex is better than no sex.

Other plays I like: Ronade Hollis-Jefferson, Joe Ingles or Josh Jackson

Power Forward

Power forward is ugly tonight. This is a choose your own adventure game at this point. There are no studs (except Simmons on FD) and every player has questions. Without Paul George tonight Carmelo should see a big bump in usage and his minutes should be around 35 tonight. RHJ is way too expensive on FD for me tonight. Larry Nance and Kyle Kuzma have good prices on DK which puts them in play. Julius Randle is always in play but he only got 15 minutes last game, that scares me. Melo usually isn’t a cash game play usually but tonight I might be leaning towards him in cash.


Joel Embiid- Embiid scored 93 FD points against the Lakers last time. There are some differences that scare me now to play him. First his price was $2,000 cheaper and if they Lakers have any pride they won’t allow for him to clown them this game. I find it hard not to build my cash lineups around Emiid and Westbrook tonight. Both are expensive but both can put up over 75 tonight and besides Harden that is the ceiling you look for when rostering your studs. He will be highly owned by rightfully so tonight.

Steven Adams (FD-$6,900 nice)- Sorry I had to throw the price in there on FD. I love the Adams play on this slate. The Nets are bad against Centers and there is nobody on this roster who can keep up with him. He has like five sisters and they are all like 6’10. That is an exaggeration but it’s not that far off and I thought that was a cool little fun fact. He can get one of his giant sisters out there and they could grab 10 rebounds tonight. Without PG, he should see a couple more shots tonight. Tonight, on DK I love playing Embiid and Adams tonight. That is a double-double makes me happy in the pants kinda play tonight.

Other plays I like: Tyson Chandler