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Yuck!  This slate is disgusting, gross, and scary.  I can’t believe some of the guys I am going to have to roster.  The worst part is, I seem to be more inclined to make more lineups to play different “scrubs” with “stars”.  Below will be my GPP guys for the night.  Good luck to you all.



If you are wondering why Lebron is here, it is because this is how he dressed for Halloween and it needed to be included.  That is terrifying.  Ok, to the players.

The “Scrubs”

Tonight, you may have the horror of rostering these players.  Just like Pennywise they will either kill you or somehow you will get away.

Josh Jackson (FD - $3800, DK - $4000)

This play is purely game script related.  Sometimes you need to decide if Vegas is right on the spread or they are wrong.  I will be playing two lineups tonight.  One in which I think PHX will get run off the court and one in which they stay in the game tonight.  Josh can get you 20 on either site without a blowout.  Here however are his numbers in Phoenix’s blowouts.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 5.46.50 PM.png

Pascal Siakim (FD - $4800, DK - $3900) and/or OG Anunoby (FD - $3500, DK - $3500)

If a blowout does occur these guys will both get more run.  Both are listed at PF on DK but on FD Siakim is at PF and Anunoby is at SF.  I’m leaning more towards Siakim because he won’t necessarily kill you if there isn’t a blowout.  However, OG has put up some good numbers in blowouts.  Here are they’re season averages.  Both are a risk and the reward will be provided by the potential of players at other spots.

Season Average Siakim: 18.7 FD pts & 18.2 DK pts

Season Average Anunoby: 12.5 FD pts & 12.4 DK pts

Kelly Oubre Jr. (FD - $5100, DK - $4900)

Oubre has burned me the last two nights and hopefully enough other people to keep his ownership low.  He just hasn’t been hitting his shots over the last two games.  Last night he went 2 for 8 and on the 1st he went 2-10.  Last night I am writing off however because that game was just a mess.  The previous 3 games before that show what he can do for us tonight.


Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 5.46.58 PM.png


The Losers’ Club

Loser's Club.jpg

The ones who survived Pennywise and all his terror.  At the end of the night these may be the players to take you to glory.

Kyle Lowry (FD - $8500, DK - $8700)

I know I have been talking about a blowout.  However, in their blowouts they have given up huge points to opposing guards.  Could this bounty of points be split with Derozan?  Yes, but there are no safe bets in DFS folks.  Over the last 4 games Lowry has been over 50 FD points twice and over 55 FD points twice.  In the other two games he had 28.40 and 38.60 FD points and on DK 31.75 and 43.75 points.

Josef Nurkic (FD - $7400, DK - $7200)

This is all based on what the Wiz have been giving up to Centers lately but mostly due to the ceilings of these players.  Nurkic does have 60 plus point upside.  The drop off to Gobert and Adams is around 40 points.  Do I think Nurkic is going to get 60?  No probably not.  However, he has a much better chance of getting you to a win versus the other guys.  With the guys mentioned above or others you like you can easily still play 5 guys over $7500.





Directed By:  Phil Senzig @philaphonic28