Results from Monday, December 4th:


Point Guard:

        - Ben Simmons $9,800: 51 points

        - Rajon Rondo $5,000: 38.75 points


Shooting Guard:

        - Devin Booker $7,800: 64.50 points

        - Donovan Mitchell $6,900: 27.75 points


Small Forward:

        - Giannis Antetokounmpo $10,600: 55.25 points

        - T.J. Warren $6,700: 43 points


Power Forward:

        - Dario Saric $5,600: 28.75 points

        - Ersan Illyasova $4,800: 15.50 points



        - Marc Gasol $8,100: 38.75 points

        - Enes Kanter $6,200: 16 points



Top Plays for Tuesday, December 5th:



Point Guard:


        - Kyle Lowry $8,700: Lowry gets the wonderful match up against little Tyler Ulis tonight. I have no idea how Ulis will be able to guard the more physical, Lowry. The Raptors will be playing way up in pace and Lowry has been great this year. I expect his great play to continue against the Suns. Phoenix actually beat the Sixers last night, so there is hope that this game stays close and isn't a blow out. 


        - Tim Frazier $3,900: You're probably shocked that Tim Frazier made it onto one of my articles, but it is a 3 game slate we need to take chances. He is still starting and getting at least 20 minutes a game, so that alone makes him a solid value-play. The reason I like him for tournaments tonight is because he makes his return to the team that gave him his chance in the NBA. The Blazers and their fans loved Frazier when he was there, so I expect him to play a little harder today and provide some upside for those brave enough to roster him. 



Shooting Guard:


        - Bradley Beal $7,600: Beal and the Wizards have been bad recently without their star point guard, John Wall. Shooting guard is pretty loaded on this slate, so I expect recency bias to drive Beal's ownership down tonight. Beal will get plenty of opportunity to right the ship against the Blazers because he gets most of the usage with Wall out. I like to attack C.J. McCollum defense and I like the projected pace of this game. Very risky pick, but I will take advantage of the discounted price for Beal and buy low on him now. 


        - C.J. McCollum $7,000: I just talked about how I like to attack McCollum defense, but I am always a big fan of attacking Beal's defense as well. Since Beal has to shoulder more of the offensive load his effort on the defensive end has naturally decreased. This is a very fair price for C.J. and he will have the opportunity to smash value if this game stays close. 



Small Forward:


        - T.J. Warren $6,400: With Warren's recent play he should be priced around the $7k mark. I will continue to buy low on Warren because outside of Devin Booker no one else on that Suns team is locked into huge minutes. I prefer some stability when I roster guys in DFS and I want players that will play huge minutes. 


        - Al-Farouq Aminu $4,200: The Chief is back from injury and his minutes restriction is expected to get lifted tonight. Expect Aminu to log around 30 minutes and at this price, this is a very strong play for me in tournaments. There is definitely risk, but Washington struggles to defend the small forward position. Most will take the wait and see approach with Aminu so that should also drive his ownership level down.



Power Forward:


        - Carmelo Anthony $6,500: I know, I know. Carmelo Anthony has been pretty bad lately. I would agree on a larger slate, but at his $6,500 price tag he will be in play for me tonight. With Gobert back, Favors has shifted to the power forward spot and there is no way he can guard Melo on the perimeter. He is a one trick pony, but if he gets it going he can come through for us tonight. 


        - Serge Ibaka $5,000: Ibaka is in an elite spot tonight against the Phoenix Suns. Since back up big man Lucas Nogueira is out with a torn muscle in his calf, it will allow Ibaka to play more minutes than usual. Ibaka hasn't gotten us the blocks we've received in previous seasons, but at this price if he can stumble into some blocks/steals and knock down a few three pointers he can easily pay off his price tag. 





        - Greg Monroe $4,500: Starting center, Tyson Chandler just played 37 minutes against the Sixers in last night's victory for the Suns. Yes, THIRTY SEVEN minutes! Chandler is 35 years old and will need to recover. If Chandler doesn't sit out for rest tonight, I can see his minutes getting decreased. Monroe has flashed his upside for us this season and if we get Chandler news before lock, feel free to fire up the Moose. High risk-high reward play on this slate. 


        - Jakob Poeltl $3,400: He missed the Raptors previous game because an illness. He is not on the injury report for tonight's game and will provide much needed depth for the Raptors. Since Poeltl is coming off an illness and no one is really paying attention to Nog Head's injury, I think this will drive his ownership down quite a bit. He is a sneaky play tonight and if he gets 20 minutes he will come through for us. 



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