Hollywood is in Session - 'Just Friends'

Today's Feature


Christmas is in 21 days, so I am in the mood and I love bringing this film out this time of year.  Is it a traditional Christmas movie?  I don’t know, I don’t care, it’s funny and happens during Christmas.  Isn’t that enough you Christmas movie truthers?  Tonight is 11 games and there is a lot of options to be played.  


Chris Brander


Dwyane Wade (FD - $6500, DK - $5600)

In “Just Friends” Chris Brander is coming home a changed man after never being taken seriously by the girl he loved partly because he was overweight.  Tonight, Dwayne Wade is returning home after taking unfair blame over the state of the Bulls while he was there partly because of terrible coaching and a laundry list of locker room problems.  There is no ill will towards Wade in the Chi, but he has always been more successful out of his hometown than in it.  Whether it be Marquette, Miami, and now reunited with his very own “Jamie Palamino” Lebron James.  I don’t see how tonight Wade isn’t a must play on DK.  $5600 is severely underpriced.  He’s in play as well on FD.  5 of his last 6 games have been 31 points or higher.  He has a usage of 23.2% currently and has a DvP of 27 at PG and 19 at SG.  He will not be guarded.  The last time when Cleveland was still figuring things out Wade posted 25.6 FD points in 19 minutes.  Currently he is playing around 25 minutes.


Demarcus Cousins (FD - $11000, DK - $11000)

Samantha, irreverent and controlling.  Loud and brash.  Remind you of anyone?  So, I recommended Boogie on Saturday without AD and he got 48.6 FD points and 50 DK points.  That will not be enough tonight.  There a ton of guys in good matchups with the same ceiling as Boogie.  Adding to this you have some interesting value plays at the center position for FD where you can only play 1 center I expect ownership to be lower than on DK.  It took things getting chippy that night with Boogie getting 2 technicals and one coming back followed by a flagrant by Myers Leonard and another by Jameer Nelson.  Tonight, I don’t expect this to be the case.  He smashed in the prior game without AD against Sacramento with 41 points, 23 rebounds, 6 assists, 1 block, and 1 steal.

Dusty Dinkleman



Lamarcus Aldridge (FD - $8400, DK - $8300)

Dusty just wants to prove his love for Jaime and that he has what it takes to be her boyfriend.  Lamarcus has been in trade talks for over the last year and is now taking Dusty’s lead and proving the Spurs that he belongs there.  Sadly, Dusty didn’t quite have it but the Spurs resigned LMA and he is showing the entire city of San Antonio why he belongs.  LMA currently has a 26.4% usage rate and Pop is expecting him to put out tonight after giving him last night off.  Detroit has been keeping games competitive all season but are in the middle of the pack when it comes to rebounding differential giving up around 42 rebounds a game and Tobias Harris is going to have a challenging time defending him. 




Derrick Favors (FD - $7600, DK - $6700) (if Gobert is out)

Clark is Chris’s reliable best friend.  Crazy to say Favors has also been very reliable.  Without Gobert he has been great.  Washington is still allowing all of it’s opponents in the front court a ton of points and tonight shouldn’t be any different.  Over the last 10 games he is averaging 35.6 FD pts and 40.4 DK pts.

Honorable Mentions (under 6k)

JJ Redick (FD - $5700, DK - $5300)
Last 3 game average: FD – 27pts & DK – 27.25pts

Kelly Oubre Jr. (FD - $4900, DK - $5100)
Last 3 game average: FD – 29.87pts & DK – 29.7pts

Directed By:  Phil Senzig @philaphonic28