Results from Friday, December 1st:


Point Guard:

        - Russell Westbrook $11,400: 49.25 points

        - Kyle Lowry $8,100: 31.75 points


Shooting Guard:

        - Victor Oladipo $8,000: 65.75 points

        - Alec Burks $3,600: 35.75 points


Small Forward:

        - Tyreke Evans $6,800: 14.25 points

        - Jonathon Simmons $5,100: 27.25 points


Power Forward:

        - LaMarcus Aldridge $8,500: 32 points

        - Kelly Olynyk $4,400: 23 points



        - Anthony Davis $10,400: 39.50 points

        - Nkola Vucevic $7,200: 17.75 points



Top Plays for Monday, December 4th:



Point Guard:


        - Ben Simmons $9,800: Ben Simmons has been so frustrating to roster lately. He can rack up fantasy points for you at ease so anytime he puts up a dud it is always head-scratching. This is the ideal spot for Simmons to bounce back. The Suns struggle to defend opposing point guard's and this is one of the rare times the Sixers are actually playing up in pace. I look for Simmons to get back on track against the struggling Phoenix Suns. 


        - Rajon Rondo $5,000: If you want to save money at point guard, Rondo is in a great spot against Curry and the Warriors tonight. The Warriors will probably put Klay Thompson on Jrue Holiday so this will leave Curry on Rondo. Rondo is a stat-sheet stuffer and the injury to Davis should open up a bit more usage as well. Safe for all formats for me tonight at this price. 



Shooting Guard:


        - Devin Booker $7,800: When I first looked at tonight's slate, I immediately knew I would put Booker in my article as a top tournament play. The Sixers struggle to defend opposing shooting guards and will have no answer for Booker. He is the only legitimate scoring threat on the Suns, so if there is a chance this game stays close it will be because Booker had a huge game. Elite tournament play tonight. 


        - Donovan Mitchell $6,900: Mitchell has been so good! He has been on fire lately and the league has taken notice. Keep an eye on Rudy Gobert and Rodney Hood injury news because if they are both out tonight it will put Mitchell in another great spot playing way up in pace against the Washington Wizards. 



Small Forward:


        - Giannis Antetokounmpo $10,600: The Bucks match up with the Boston Celtics will be a fun one to watch tonight. I like the Greek Freak tonight because he will get overlooked in this tough match up with the Celtics. The Celtics defend perimeter players very well, but the Greek Freak is essentially match up proof. I also want to take advantage of his discounted price and he has the ability to out score LeBron in terms of fantasy points. 


        - T.J. Warren $6,700: Other than Devin Booker, T.J. Warren is the only other Phoenix Sun I can trust enough to roster on this slate. They both lead the Suns in usage and get a great match up against the Sixers. This game features two teams that play at a top 4 pace in the NBA right now, so it should be an up and down, high-scoring affair. I will want exposure to this game in tournaments and Booker and Warren are my top plays from Phoenix. 



Power Forward:


        - Dario Saric $5,600: I never understand why Saric's price is still below $6k, but until it gets raised I will continue to roster him. As I mentioned with Ben Simmons, this is one of the rare times the Sixers are playing up in pace. Saric is locked into starter minutes and is one of the most over looked players on the Sixers roster. 


        - Ersan Illyasova $4,800: With rookie first-round pick, John Collins out with injury Ersan has been put in the starting lineup and he has produced. The Hawks get the pleasure of going up against the Brooklyn Nets tonight so there will be plenty of opportunity for Ersan to smash. The Hawks will be playing way up in pace and Ersan's ability to knock down the three ball make him a solid roster in your power forward spot with the DK three-point bonus. 





        - Marc Gasol $8,100: Gasol gets the wonderful opportunity to play one of our favorite center's to attack, Karl-Anthony Towns. The Grizzles will be playing up in pace and with the absence of Mike Conley, Gasol and Tyreke Evans are the only real offense threats for the Grizzles. Gasol is under priced for me and has the upside to help you in tournaments. He also usually get overlooked because no one likes to roster Grizzles. Great spot, at a discounted price for Gasol tonight against Minnesota.


        - Enes Kanter $6,200: Kristaps Porzingis and Tim Hardaway Jr. are out tonight so who is going to run the offense for New York? Enes Katner. Yes, Enes Kanter has been sneaky good with the absence of Porzingis and I look for him to take even more shots with THJ also out. The Knicks also happen to be playing up in pace against the Pacers. The Pacers struggle to defend the Center position, so I expect Kanter to have his way with Turner tonight. Elite spot for Kanter in tournaments. 



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