Injuries will decide on who we will play tonight. Before lineup lock tonight at 7PM (eastern), go and check who is sitting. I usually stay away from cash games on bigger slates because my head spins and I have a hard time focusing. I will be mostly doing GPP’s and chambers tonight. I’m not going to lie, your boy has been throwing up for what feels like every hour for the last 12. No worries readers of DG court room, I found myself enough energy to muscle through. Nobody cares, you guys shouldn’t I am just being softer than Anthony Davis. Get at me on that site you guys call twitter (@lawrencedoto) and the slack group chat. By the way, can I talk about a dream killer real quick? The Judge doesn’t even follow me on twitter, now I may be a little emotional because I am sick and might die any minute but that is the ultimate dream killer! He is the whole reason I got twitter and every day I go on and a tear runs down my face because he still doesn’t follow me. I mean if this was 2000 and we had myspace would I even make your top 8 or 12 or writers or new BFF’s? Judge?!? Good luck everyone tonight and let’s win some cash money.



Point Guards:


Steph Curry (FD-$9,900, DK-$9,400)- The biggest problem about this game is without Anthony Davis, this game can be over by halftime. Let’s just hope that it stays close. Steph has been good but not great but when you are paying up for a stud he is at a good price point. He will get a mixture of pretty crappy Rajon Rondo or Jrue Holiday defense and he should have no problem dropping 30 points on them tonight. He goes over looked on most nights and I have been taking advantage of it. This is a good match-up but like every Warrior game this can be a blow-out. Good upside here tonight with low ownership, sign me up

Eric Bledsoe (FD-$7,000 DK-$6,700)- Eric Bledsoe is way too cheap. I have no problem with starting your team with Bledsoe and building a more balanced team. The Judge gave me some pretty good advice for bigger slates and it worked. Build a more balanced team and those tend to do better on these bigger slates. He has scored 29.8 FD points or higher in seven out of the last eight games (35 FD points or more in six of those games). The Celtics play good team defense but Kyrie is one of the few players who doesn’t play good defense. I am attacking Kyrie tonight and Bledsoe should have no problem reaching 35 FD points.

Other plays I like: Spencer Dinwiddie (FD-$7,500 DK-$7,000) Kris Dunn (FD-$6,700 DK-$6,100) Tomas Satoransky (FD-$4,800 DK-$4,100), Dejounte Murray (FD-$3,500 DK-$3,500)



Shooting Guards:


Devin Booker (FD-$7,000- DK-$7,800)- This is a price mistake on FD, there is no way that Booker should be $7,000. He now gets JJ Redick defense and this is getting the sexual juices flowing with exactment. He just dropped 47 FD points on one of the best defensive teams in the league and I don’t want to get greedy but I am expecting at least 40 fantasy points tonight. This game will be fantasy magic and I want everything to do with it. Booker is a lock and load tonight.

Bradley Beal/Donovan Mitchell- Both don’t play defense and both will get around 15-20 shots up tonight. Mitchell exploded for 48 FD points last game which sounds great but he scored 41 real points. This is a little bit of point chasing but hey I have been sick all weekend and my brain is starting to shut down on me. Beal has been bad without John Wall but this match-up is juicy and with his recent poor play he will be low owned with good upside.


Other plays I like: Victor Oladipo on DK at $8,700, Dwayne Wade (FD-$6,500 DK-$5,600), J.J. Barea (FD-$5,000 DK-$4,600) Alec Burks (FD-$4,800 DK-$4,000)



Small Forwards:


Giannis/Lebron/KD- All three of them are in play tonight. What makes tonight a great slate is that with all three available it will lower the ownership of them. KD gives you a discount from the other two but he hasn’t showed the upside that we are used to from them. I believe I am avoiding the three stooges tonight but at the same time that can come back and bite me in the booty real quick. Giannis’s game against the Celtics will be close and has the potential to be fantasy sexiness. The Cavs are playing great and you never know when the Cavs will play down to their competition which leaves LeBron to carry the team in the fourth quarter. With the big slate, you can easily roster two of them and find value at other positions.

TJ Warren (FD-$7,300 DK-$6,700) This Sixers and Suns game has the potential to be the highest scoring of the night. Everyone is in play in this game and if you wanted to completely game stack it, I wouldn’t hate it. Warren is consistent but he has showed huge upside which makes him a great GPP play. This is the perfect play if you are going for the more balanced line-up.


Other plays I like: Rudy Gay (FD-$4,800 DK-$4,800) Bojan Bogdanovic (FD-$4,500 DK-$4,500) David Nwaba (FD-$4,200)



Power Forwards:


LaMarcus Aldridge (FD-$8,400 DK-$8,300)- Surprise! I am telling you to play Aldridge but now he is coming off a night of rest and will be ready to ball out. I mean if you have read my previous articles you know my love for him. At this point I am just writing to see how much you will read, he’s good and the Spurs will run the offense through him. Play Aldridge, do it….do it……do it!

Ersan Ilyasova (FD-$5,600 DK-$4,800)- Ersan is a fantasy point per minute monster and he should get more than the 23 minutes than he received last game. If he gets 30 minutes there is no reason he can’t reach us that magical value word. Hey, I’m a Hawks fan and anytime I can mention a Hawk it is a good night. I hate saying this because I have watched him play before but Luke Babbitt is also in play. Excuse me, I think I need to throw up again from recommending Luke Babbitt.


Other plays I like: Ben Simmons (FD-$10,500 DK-$9,800), Michael Beasley (FD-$5,000 DK-$3,500), JaMychal Green (FD-$4,900 DK-$4,700)





Boogie Cousins (FD-$11,000 DK-$11,000)- He is the Pelicans only hope and he will dominate whoever the Warriors throw at him. However, the Warriors are a smart defensive team and I wouldn’t be surprised if they triple teamed him and make the other pathetic Pelicans players beat them. He is the most dominate center in the league and he has the potential to put up a 70 burger any night. This season vs the Warriors he has averaged 25/10/4 with 3 blocks but that was with AD and this can hurt Boogie. As of now I am squeezing him in but I might change my mind once the injuries get settled tonight.

Marc Gasol (FD-$8,800 DK-$8,100)- This play makes sense for two reasons. First, he is the whole Grizzlies offense. Second, it seems like every game whoever matches up with KAT they go bananas. I like Gasol, he is a great player and since I am going with a more balanced line-up, he will be in my lineups. He has seen 34,35 and 40 minutes over the last three games. This play will make me do the no pants dance tonight and I am sorry, there will be no video of that.

Other players I like: Al Horford (FD-$7,500 DK-$7,600), Dwight Howard (FD-$7,400 DK-$7,700) Enes Kanter (FD-$6,600 DK-$6,200) Mason Plumlee (FD-$5,800 DK-$4,300)


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