Let’s talk about the process that I use when building my cash game lineups. The first thing that I do when building a lineup is make a list of players (or a player pool) that I feel comfortable playing at each position. Next to the player I will put a little note next to them of why I like them. Tonight, point guard is loaded and on DK I will be trying to get at least three or four point guards in my cash games. Next, I look at which position that I have the least numbers of players under, that is power forward on this slate. Third, I decide who are my locks of the night (I will put them in bold on my list that I did for everyone tonight). By limiting my player pool, it helps me focus on my lineups. Enough talking, I will make my list of players I like and I will try to squeeze them in my lineups.




Point Guard:


Russell Westbrook - No Paul George tonight means Westbrook gets a 41% usage rate.

John Wall - Price is too low for his caliber of player. Bump up in pace and will get James Harden or Eric Gordon defense.

Kyle Lowry - Hawks give up the most assist per game and allow top ten three point attempts per game. Gets bad Dennis Schroder defense.

Kris Dunn - Good matchup and he could go off for 50 on any night.

Jordan Clarkson - Big bump in usage. Gets Lou Williams or Austin Rivers defense. Big minutes without Lonzo Ball.

Kemba Walker - Playing up in pace. Last time versus Golden State (12/6) he put up 44 fantasy points in a game where Charlotte got blown out.

Darren Collison - Big bump in usage without Victor Oladipo. 32 fantasy points last game without Dipo.

George Hill - Huge bump in pace. Salary relief. Big minutes and good matchup

Josh Hart - Salary relief. Getting 30 or more minutes over the last three games. Good matchup.


So at point guard tonight it looks like I am paying up for Westbrook. I like pairing him up with Lowry or Wall because of the good matchups. Clarkson’s price is way up but he might be worth it tonight. Kemba is risky but could pay off in a big way. Hill and Hart will play big minutes and can give me salary relief with Westbrook.




Shooting Guard:


James Harden - He played awful last night and still put up 60 fantasy points. Will be lower owned because of the Westbrook love tonight.

Devin Booker - Good matchup. The last four games he has played, he has scored over 43 fantasy points in all of them and showed his upside with a 60 burger.

Lance Stephenson - No Dipo. Big minutes in a good matchup. Stat sheet filler

Eric Gordon - Gets Bradley Beal defense. Big minutes without CP3. 36 or more minutes in five straight games. Good play with big upside if his shot is falling.

Andre Roberson - Salary relief. I like playing him because he is always cheap and he gets good minutes. No PG means he could take a couple more shots.


Tonight at shooting guard I am trying to squeeze in another point guard here. I like getting Hill or Hart in as my shooting guard because they will play big minutes and they both have good matchups. If at the end I have salary left over I might try to squeeze in Devin Booker somewhere.




Small Forward:


Kevin Durant - Last game before Curry comes back. Played Charlotte on 12/6 and he dropped 72 fantasy points on them.

Brandon Ingram - Will play big minutes. Good matchup. Good price at $6,600 on DK

Otto Porter Jr - Big bump in pace. Thrives in fast paced games. Game should be a shoot out.

Bojan Bogdanovic - Salary relief. Big minutes. Will get double digit shot attempts.

Larry Nance - Salary relief. If Kuzma sits, good cash game play. Great price on DK at $4,300

Marvin Williams - Salary relief. Big bump in pace. Too cheap in this matchup.

T.J. Warren - Good price. Plays better with Booker back


Small forward isn’t as deep as the other positions tonight. I am going to try to do a Westbrook and KD lineup tonight but I need to find some more value plays. Ingram and Otto Porter are in nice situations and both under $7,000 on DK.




Power Forward:


Anthony Davis - Always a good play. Good matchup vs Dallas. Risk with injury at any point.

Alex Len - Seems to be getting consistent minutes. Good matchup.

Zach Randolph - Last time vs Phoenix (12/12) he scored 34 fantasy point in 28 minutes.

Marquese Chriss - Salary relief. Over 25 minutes in three of the last four games.


Power Forward is ugly tonight. I think I am going to try to squeeze a small forward into power forward. Having AD and Westbrook would mean my lineup would be a stars and scrubs. Not good for cash.






DeMarcus Cousins - Always a good player. Gets Dirk or Kleber defense. Should smash tonight.

Willie Cauley-Stein - Has seen 30 or more minutes in six of the last eight games. Big bump in pace.

Steven Adams - Attack Bucks bigs. No Paul George could mean a couple extra or shots for Adams. Should see big minutes tonight

Robin Lopez - Salary relief.


Center is tough tonight. Fitting Westbrook in my lineups can make it hard to have a well balanced lineup.




After all of this here is what I am thinking with my cash lineups tonight on DK with Westbrook:


PG- Russell Westbrook

SG-George Hill

SF- Lance Stephenson

PF- Otto Porter Jr.

C-Steven Adams

G- Josh Hart

F- Larry Nance (if Kuzma plays I pivot down to Roberson)

UTL- Brandon Ingram


I have three Lakers and I don’t feel good about it. Overall, I give this lineup about a five or a six on my confidence scale. I don’t like rostering players over $10,000 but Westbrook is in a smash situation. Little upside but if everyone but Westbrook gets me over 25-35, I could easily win my cash games.




Here is a more balanced lineup without a big star in it:


PG- Jordan Clarkson

SG- Bradley Beal

SF- Otto Porter Jr.


C- Steven Adams

G- Brandon Ingram

F- Andre Roberson

UTL- T.J. Warren

This lineup is a lot more balanced and everyone that is playing (beside Roberson) should at least get me 30 tonight. It is still early in the day and a lot of news can still happen but for my cash lineups I am leaning towards the more balanced one at the moment. That is my process and everyone is different but if you are in a slump or want to try something new, give this a try.



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