Results from Wednesday, December 27th:



Point Guard:

        - Tyreke Evans $8,400: 51.25 points

        - Spencer Dinwiddie $6,900: 18.75 points


Shooting Guard:

        - Jimmy Butler $8,000: 54.50 points

        - Donovan Mitchell $7,000: 35.25 points


Small Forward:

        - Kevin Durant $10,900: 40.50 points

        - Rondae Hollis-Jefferson $6,400: 33.75 points


Power Forward:

        - Kristaps Porzingis $8,600: 40.50 points

        - Carmelo Anthony $5,500: 31 points



        - Kevin Love $8,300: 34.25 points

        - Myles Turner $6,700: 31 points




Top Plays for Thursday, December 28th:





Point Guard:


        - Damian Lillard $8,400 vs. Sixers: Dame has fully recovered from his recent hamstring injury and is expected to return to his usual role at starting point guard for the Blazers. Since he is coming off a hamstring injury, he is definitely a risky roster but it should drive ownership down in tournaments. I love to roster players coming off of injury and I will take advantage of a discounted price point as he gets a tasty match up playing up in pace against the Sixers. 


        - Ish Smith $4,900 at Magic: Ish will now take over starting point guard duties as Reggie Jackson's injury opens up opportunity for Smith. Ish gets a cushy match up with the Orlando Magic and Elfrid Payton defense. There is nothing we love more than attacking Elf D, so this is a big chance for Ish to show the organization that he can hold down the fort while Jackson is out. The Pistons have mentioned they are looking to upgrade at that position and are willing to make moves so this is Smith's time to shine. 




Shooting Guard:


        - Jimmy Butler $7,700 at Bucks: I know the Timberwolves have played a lot of games recently and Butler should be exhausted trying to guard Giannis tonight, but this is such a criminally-low price for Butler that I have to put him in my article. He leads this team in usage and will absorb even more as Teague should be out tonight. Khris Middleton is a great defender, but Butler has been hot lately and I will continue to buy-low on a star player that is currently locked-in and laser focused. 


        - Courtney Lee $4,900 at Spurs: Lee has been a cash-game staple recently, but at this price against a Spurs team that struggles to defend opposing shooting guards I will definitely have some Lee in my tournament lineups. Lee has been locked into over 30 minutes a game recently, so look for that to continue tonight as he should be one of the primary defenders on Kahwi Leonard tonight. 




Small Forward:


        - Giannis Antetokounmpo $10,900 vs. Timberwolves: The Greek Freak is my favorite stud to pay up for on tonight's slate. His price finally dipped below the $11k mark and he gets a juicy match up with a tired Minnesota squad. Giannis is match up proof and Jimmy Butler defense won't scare me tonight as he should be exhausted from the carrying the load on offense. Giannis is an elite play tonight.


        - Jayson Tatum $5,500 vs. Rockets: The Celtics have been depleted by injury, so extra opportunity has opened up for Tatum. Tatum is in a great spot playing up in pace against a Rockets team that doesn't play much defense. If Morris, Brown, and Ojeleye are out again tonight look for Tatum to play huge minutes again tonight. The Celtics will need his three-point shooting to keep this game close with Houston. 




Power Forward:


        - Kristaps Porzingis $7,900 at Spurs: Typically I don't write about two Knicks players on the same article and typically I don't include two players from the same team playing against the Spurs. But it is a 5-game slate and we need to differentiate our lineups in tournaments. I like Porzingis because his price-point is too low for me. He has been solid since returning from injury and his solid play should continue tonight. He is priced under $8k and has 50 DK point upside, sign me up!


        - Tobias Harris $6,600 at Magic: Coming off a monster game, Harris is going to be a popular play on tonight's slate. The injury to Reggie Jackson will open up more usage for Harris and the Pistons will be playing way up in pace against a Magic team that we love to attack. The Pistons will scoring from someone other than Andre Drummond, so look for the offense to run through Tobias even more than usual tonight. 






        - Karl-Anthony Towns $8,900 at Bucks: Towns gets the pleasure of going up against the Bucks big men tonight. You all know how much we love to attack Bucks centers, so KAT is in an elite spot tonight. The Timberwolves should be short handed so Towns and Butler should have plenty of opportunity to lead the team tonight against the Bucks. 


        - Al Horford $7,100 vs. Rockets: Horford is in a great spot playing up in pace against the Rockets at home. The Rockets are without center, Clint Capela so Horford will do battle with the likes of Nene and Black tonight. None of those centers will be able contain Horford out on the perimeter and the pace should allow for extra possessions for Horford to smash value for tournaments. 




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