Tonight’s Feature

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Philip Wenneck

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John Wall (FD - $8700 only)

Phil needs to come back from his hangover in the movie to find his friend and in the NBA Wall has recently come back from his injury to prove he is an all-star level point guard.  The game tonight against the Hawks features the 3rd highest point total and a Hawks team who is miserable against the point.  I will not be firing him up on DK as there are better values at point guard there but on FD point guard is a little trickier and I feel good putting him in there.  He showed us on Christmas the 50 plus point fantasy outings are still there.




Stuart Price


Otto Porter Jr.  (FD - $6400, DK - $5900) 

Another player coming back from injury and Otto seems to be back to his normal minute load.  Over his last 2 games he is getting 1 steal and 1 block per game which will be helpful on FD.  He also has a great matchup vs. the Hawks.  Taurean Prince currently ranks 26th in DvP.




Alan Garner



Enes Kanter (FD - $6000 only)

Just like Alan, Enes is a devoted and lovable teammate.  Whether Enes is going after Lebron in defense of Frankie or claiming that the Thunder are the best team in the West even while he isn’t playing there anymore.  He seems to be returning to playing like he did earlier in the season.  I will take the risk on him that he is going to have another huge outing against Robin Lopez today on FD but on DK I will most likely be staying away as he is priced at $6800 and I like many other centers over him.




Leslie Chow



Lebron James (FD - $11500, DK - $11700)

Leslie is the real star outside of Alan in the first film and LeBron will be the star of the evening I want.  After having a horrible Christmas, he should come back in to scoring over 55 points over 8 of his last 9 games prior to Christmas.  In his last matchup against the Kings he put up 66.7 FD points and 69.75 points on DK




Doug Billings



Others I Like

The ones you have in your lineup but may get locked on the roof of Caesar’s Palace and disappear


Terry Rozier (FD - $3800 only)

Karl Anthony Towns (DK - $8700 only)

Jordan Clarkson (FD - $5500, DK - $5600)

Zach Randolph (FD - $6100, DK - $6300)

Derrick Favors (FD - $5600, DK - $5800)

George Hill (FD - $4900, DK - $4500)

Kyle Lowry (DK - $7600 only)

Kemba Walker (DK - $6600 only)

Buddy Hield (FD - $5400, DK - $5000)




Directed By:  Phil Senzig @philaphonic28