Daily Dunks With Doto

The first thing I noticed tonight about the slate is this might be the slowest paced slate of all time. 10 out of the 16 teams play in the bottom half of pace. If you want a fast paced up and down slate of games, this isn’t your cup of coffee. This slate includes the six slowest paced teams in the league playing tonight and there is only one player priced over $10,000 and that is Giannis. These games might put us asleep tonight but let’s take a look at the cash game plays.


Point Guard:

Tyreke Evans- Tyreke scored 43 DK points against this same Suns team five days ago. The biggest difference is his price, it went up $1,000 since then. Over his last eight games he has shot the ball over 15 times and has seen over 30 minutes in every game. He is expensive but with the big bump in pace and good match-up, it will be hard to ignore him tonight. If you play Evans tonight I would stack him with Marc Gasol. 

Austin Rivers- His daddy must have put him on the nice list before Christmas because he has been ballin’ out. He has shot the ball 45 times in the last two games, 45 times! He is an average player at best but whenever a player gets big minutes and shoots the ball that much, it’s hard to not roster him. His price has been moved up $1,200 dollars but the Kings don’t scare me tonight. This is the last game of the night and I like to get some exposure to it. If Doc Rivers stops dry humping his leg on the court tonight he can easily get us 40 fantasy points tonight.

Other plays I like: Kyle Lowry, Elfrid Payton, Spencer Dinwiddie

Shooting Guard:

Lou Williams- I might stack Lou Williams and Austin Rivers tonight. Both have shot the ball over 40 times over the last two games and if I am going to lose tonight at least I will go down swinging. With Doc Rivers humping Austin’s leg during the game and Lou Williams having a different girlfriend on each one of his legs tonight, this can be a magical night. There will be so many shots, leg humps and me screaming at my television tonight that it will feel like Christmas all over again tonight. 

Gary Harris- This is a boring play but Gary Harris is the poster player for cash games. Harris has seen over 34 minutes in 10 of his last 12 games and has scored under 28 points just once. If he can fall into some rebounds and get some assists tonight he should be a lock for 30 points. Not sexy but I don’t need every play to get me a 50 burger, put Harris in your cash game lineups and move on to small forward.

Other plays I like: Donovan Mitchell, Tyler Johnson, Malcolm Brogdon

Small Forward:

T.J. Warren- I like that Devin Booker is coming back tonight. Warren has been playing better of late and he usually goes lower owned. He doesn’t have the best match-up but his game doesn’t really depend on who he plays. He put up close to 40 fantasy points against Memphis a couple of days ago and he is usually a lock for around 30-35 points a night. Warren doesn’t have anyone humping his leg when he’s on the court but since I play him so much I guess I’ll throw my name in the hat.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson- This isn’t a great match-up against the Spurs but he is under $6,000 on DK ($7,100 on FD) and that makes him a lock on DK. He does a little bit of everything on the court and over his last three games he has scored over 30 fantast points. There is some risk here but if he can get us 30 minutes he should have no problem reaching the magically V word (no not that one!), value!

Other plays I like:

DeMarre Carroll, Wilson Chandler, Trey Lyles


Power Forward-

Zach Randolph- His price keeps falling on DK but his production has been pretty consistent. He has scored over 25 fantasy points in 10 straight games and he has scored over 40, three times in that stretch. I don’t know who the Clippers are starting at tonight, maybe Darius Miles makes a comeback? He’s going to bully whoever they put at power forward and with the slow-paced games tonight he fits in perfect with this theme.

Serge Ibaka- I am looking at Ibaka’s game log and over his last ten games, he has scored over 25 fantasy points (like Randolph) in all of them. I want consistency tonight in my cash games and by locking in Randolph and Ibaka, I won’t have to worry about one of them pooping the bed. Dallas is horrible at rebounding the ball and this could be one of those games where Ibaka is aggressive on the glass (hopefully). Another boring play but don’t worry, I won’t be offering my services for humping his leg tonight.

Other plays I like: Jakob Poeltl, Nikola Mirotic



Nikola Jokic- He’s back to playing big minutes and he is looking like the Jokic we all fell in love with last year. On DK, his price is just flat out wrong, he is $7,900. I don’t know if one of the super computers had something to do with this because he is playing the Jazz but he is a lock and load. He has a good chance to be a top three scorer on the night and everyone has been scared off from playing him because of his slow start. This will be the last time he will be this cheap on DK, take advantage now.

Myles Turner- Last game against Detroit, he scored 41 fantasy points. He is under $7,000 on DK and tonight I will be using both Jokic and Turner. They are both too cheap and he is coming off a 48 fantasy game where he saw 38 minutes. If he gets those type of minutes, he will be a great play tonight. Lock and load the double center on DK tonight.

Other plays I like: Marc Gasol, Pau Gasol or Willie Cauley-Stein

Dunks of the night: Austin Rivers, Zach Randolph, Nikola Jokic and Myles Turner

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