Results from Thursday, December 21st:

Point Guard:
        - Kyrie Irving $8,700: 46.25 points
        - Kris Dunn $7,300: 38.75 points

Shooting Guard:
        - DeMar DeRozan $8,800: 63.75 points
        - Jaylen Brown $5,500: DNP

Small Forward:
        - LeBron James $11,900: 60 points
        - Robert Covington $6,200: 40.25 points

Power Forward:
        - T.J. Warren $6,100: 38.75 points
        - Serge Ibaka $5,900: 27.50 points

        - Marc Gasol $8,200: 41.25 points
        - LaMarcus Aldridge $7,700: 22.50 points


Top Plays for Friday, December 22nd:

Point Guard

        - James Harden $11,500 vs. Clippers: Coming off a monster game against the Lakers where he scored 51 actual points, The Beard is in prime position to smash tonight with the absence of back-court teammate Chris Paul. The only worry is that this game turns into a blow out quick, but there are several ex-Rockets players on the Clippers due to the CP3 trade so look for the Clippers to be extra motivated tonight. Hopefully it is enough effort to keep this game close for Harden to lead us to glory. 

        - Elfrid Payton $5,600 vs. Pelicans: Elf was in line for a monster game in Orlando's previous game, but it quickly turned into a blowout so his minutes were limited. Vegas currently has the spread of this game at 4.5 so they expect it to stay close. Both these teams play at a fast pace so there is potential for a shoot out. You can attack Pelicans guards and this is such a cheap price for Elf. He has tremendous upside potential at this price point, I love him in tournaments tonight. 


Shooting Guard

        - Lou Williams $7,200 at Rockets: Revenge game? Sweet Lou makes his return to Houston and should be motivated to play well against his former team. Recency bias from his last game should drive ownership down, so I like Lou as a tournament play tonight. The Clippers are still banged up and Williams still has all the usage off the bench. The pace of this game will provide plenty of opportunity for Lou to go off against the Rockets. 

        - CJ McCollum $7,000 vs. Nuggets: Damian Lillard is out tonight, so McCollum is in an elite spot playing up in pace against Denver. We love to attack Denver guards, so this is a prime spot for CJ to smash. McCollum absorbs over 30% of the usage in games without Dame so this will be a McCollum night in Portland. 


Small Forward

        - Kevin Durant $11,600 vs. Lakers: Harden and Durant are my top stars on this slate if you want to pay up for a stud. Durant has been great without Curry. Hopefully recency bias drives ownership down a bit lower than usual, but he should be a popular play tonight against the young Lakers team. The Lakers are coming off an upset win in Houston, so hopefully their strong continues and this game stays close. 

        - Brandon Ingram $6,800 at Warriors: Kyle Kuzma is coming off a monster game in Houston, so I hope that performance drives Ingram's ownership down on tonight's slate. I don't expect Kuzma to catch fire like he did in Houston and Ingram is still locked into heavy minutes. I love to roster Ingram because he gets you fantasy points without being so scoring dependent. If his shot is on, then he has an easy chance for a 50 burger. Lakers will need a big performance from Ingram to have a chance against the defending champs. 


Power Forward

        - Anthony Davis $10,500 at Magic: The Tinman is a huge risk to roster because he is so injury prone, but I can't ignore him at this price playing in an uptempo match up with the Magic in Orlando. If AD is healthy he is a top 5 talent in the league. No one on the Magic can match up with Davis and his skill set and the injury risk will drive ownership lower than it should be. Davis is a high-risk, high-reward play on tonight's slate in a plus match up with Orlando. 

        - Kelly Olynyk $5,600 vs. Mavericks: Kelly was amazing in his revenge game against the Celtics in Boston and I look for his good play to continue tonight against the Mavs. The Mavs struggle to defend opposing big men and Olynyk is versatile enough to play both the 4 and 5 position. On DraftKings I always love to roster 3 point shooters because we get the coveted 3-point bonuses for every 3 made. 



        - Nikola Jokic $7,400 at Trail Blazers: Jokic's minutes finally hit the 30-minute mark in their previous game and I look for him to get his usual playing time again tonight in Portland. Jokic is at least a $9k priced player when healthy so I will take advantage of this price decrease while I still can. As long as limits his turnovers and is cautious with the ball, he should smash value in tonight's game with the Blazers. 

        - Jusuf Nurkic $6,400 vs. Nuggets: Revenge game? The Nuggets did trade away Nurkic so that Jokic would get more of a chance to develop. Look for Nurkic to come out extra motivated at home in a match up against his former team. With Lillard out it will open up extra usage for Nurkic as well. This is a sneaky pivot off of McCollum as he should be a popular play with Dame out. 

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