Results from Wednesday, December 20th:

Point Guard:
        - Kris Dunn $7,200: 40 points
        - Jamal Murray $5,700: 45 points

Shooting Guard:
        - Jimmy Butler $8,800: 36.50 points
        - Lou Williams $7,600: 21.75 points

Small Forward:
        - Kevin Durant $11,600: 38 points
        - Kyle Kuzma $5,800: 58.25 points

Power Forward:
        - T.J. Warren $6,200: 45.50 points
        - Kelly Olynyk $5,400: 48.75 points

        - Andre Drummond $9,100: 31.25 points
        - Al Horford $7,300: 18.50 points


Top Plays for Thursday, December 21st

Point Guard

        - Kyrie Irving $8,700 at Knicks: Kyrie on National Television playing at Madison Square Garden? Sign me up! The Knicks struggle to defend opposing guards and Kyrie has been playing well lately. The Celtics will be playing up in pace, so look for Kyrie to have a strong outing tonight. I wouldn't worry about the high price tag on a small slate because total points matter and he has a relatively high floor. 

        - Kris Dunn $7,300 at Cavaliers: Dunn's been very consistent lately and his strong play should continue in a plus match up against the Cavs tonight in Cleveland. Vegas projects a lot of points to be scored in this game because both team struggle on the defensive end. The pace of the game should bode well for Dunn's game. He is a strong tournament play on tonight's slate. 

Shooting Guard

        - DeMar DeRozan $8,800 at Sixers: DeMar is in an elite spot going up against the Sixers guards tonight. The Raptors will be playing up in pace and the Sixers have no one that matches up well with DeMar. He should abuse every defender they throw at him and this season he is no longer a one trick scoring pony. His play making abilities have improved this year and he currently is averaging a career high in assists, averaging a little over 5 a game.  

        - Jaylen Brown $5,500 at Knicks: I'm a big fan of Jaylen Brown at this price point! He is locked into major minutes and might be line for some more playing time because Jayson Tatum is nursing a dislocated pinky finger and could miss tonight's game. The Celtics are playing up in pace and struggle to defend opposing guards and perimeter players. 

Small Forward

        - LeBron James $11,900 vs. Bulls: LeBron is the only player on the slate priced above $10k so fading him on a small slate could be a huge risk if he smashes value. We value total points more than ownership on a slate of this size, so LeBron is almost a must-play for me. The Bulls struggle on the defensive end and LeBron is in MVP form. Elite play in all formats tonight!

        - Robert Covington $6,200 vs. Raptors: Covington is always a great tournament play because of his upside. On this slate, I value him more than usual because of the injuries to Joel Embiid and JJ Redick. Although Redick hasn't officially been rules out of tonight's contest he had to leave their previous game and did not return, so if he plays tonight he might be limited. The Sixers are desperate for offense, so look for Philly to rely heavily on Covington and his scoring ability tonight. 

Power Forward

        - T.J. Warren $6,100 vs. Grizzles: Warren came through for us last night and I will continue to buy low on Warren simply due to the fact that he has absorbed all the usage for the Suns with the absence of star-guard, Devin Booker. Warren's price even dropped by $100 because of the projected pace of the game tonight against Memphis. The Grizzles aren't the same defensively as they have been in the past, so Warren is still in a great spot. He is a strong tournament play on this 5-game slate.  

        - Serge Ibaka $5,900 at Sixers: Ibaka has been a consistency monster lately and I look for his great play to continue tonight, playing up in pace against the Sixers in Philadelphia. Ibaka is the only big man on Toronto that I trust to get big minutes. The Sixers struggle to defend opposing bigs so this is another great spot for Ibaka. 


        - Marc Gasol $8,200 at Suns: This game is the second game of a back to back for the Grizzles, but that does not bother me one bit. Prior to Wednesday night's game against the Warriors, the Grizzles had three days of rest! Gasol is in an elite spot playing way up in pace against the struggling Phoenix Suns. His floor has been relatively high lately, so don't be surprised by another 50 burger by Gasol tonight. 

        - LaMarcus Aldridge $7,700 at Jazz: It is so tough to predict what Pop does with minutes on night to night basis, so if I were to play any San Antonio Spur tonight, it would be Aldridge. With the injury to Rudy Gobert the Utah Jazz front line is easier to attack since a banged-up Derrick Favors is now their only legit big man on their roster. The offense still runs through LaMarcus, so feel free to fire him up in all formats on this slate.

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