Results from Monday, December 18th:



Point Guard: 

        - Russell Westbrook $11,200: 65.25 points

        - Jamal Murray $5,700: 15 points


Shooting Guard:

        - Donovan Mitchell $6,700: 17.50 points

        - Josh Richardson $4,800: 45 points


Small Forward:

        - Kevin Durant $11,600: 72.25 points

        - Justin Holiday $4,900: 35 points


Power Forward:

        - LaMarcus Aldridge $8,200: 29 points

        - Dario Saric $5,800: 43 points



        - Al Horford $6,900: 46 points

        - Myles Turner $6,300: 10.50 points




Top Plays for Wednesday, December 20th:





Point Guard:


        - Kris Dunn $7,200 vs. Magic: Dunn has been relatively consistent since he has taken control of the starting point guard role in Chicago. Look for his success to continue against the Magic and Elfrid Payton. I have made good money this season taking advantage of opposing point guards against Elf. The Bulls will be playing up in pace so look for Dunn to have a big game tonight. 


        - Jamal Murray $5,700 vs. Timberwolves: It pains me to say this, since he lost me a good chunk of money on Monday night, but I will fire up some more Jamal Murray for tonight's slate. His price is too low and he gets a great match up against Minnesota and Jeff Teague defense. Mudiay is on track to miss this game and if Gary Harris misses as well, a lot of usage and minutes will open up for the Blue Arrow. Recency bias should drive ownership down, I am willing to forgive him for Monday if he makes it up to us all tonight. 




Shooting Guard:


        - Jimmy Butler $8,800 at Nuggets: Jimmy Buckets has been great lately and I look for his run of excellent performances to continue tonight against the Nuggets. We are far enough into the season to know that Butler will lead this team in usage this year. Minnesota will be playing up in pace against the Nuggets and there is a chance Gary Harris misses this game tonight. Harris is a decent defender, so if he misses this game it puts Butler in an elite spot.  


        - Lou Williams $7,600 vs. Suns: Sweet Lou will make his return from a one-game absence to face off against the Suns. The Suns are a great team to attack at every position and with all the injuries to the Clippers team I want to roster a guy that is going to get usage. Lou Will will also be locked into major minutes. Lou has shown us his upside this season, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him smash against the Suns tonight. 




Small Forward:


        - Kevin Durant $11,600 vs. Grizzles: As long as Steph Curry remains out with injury, Durant will most likely be the top play on every slate. His play has been great and he is top 5 in the league in blocks by averaging a little over 2 a game. The defense, play making and shot making make KD and elite play on tonight's slate. Even though it is down in pace, KD is match up proof and the Grizzles are no longer a great defense team like they were the last few seasons. 


        - Kyle Kuzma $5,800 at Rockets: Kuzma is my favorite Laker to roster in tonight's match up with the Rockets because his game is perfect for this type of contest. Currently this game has the highest over/under of the night at 226 and I expect a ton of points to scored by both teams tonight. Walton has been committed to playing Kuzma so without Brook Lopez, look for Kuzma to be locked into huge minutes in a very favorable match up with Houston. Let's hope this game stays close... 




Power Forward:


        - T.J. Warren $6,200 at Clippers: Warren has yet to put up a 50-burger with the absence of Devin Booker in the lineup. I am not saying it will happen tonight, but there is a great chance for him to have a great game against the lowly-Clippers. Warren is priced too low and he still gets most of the teams usage. The late-game hammer will be a bad one to watch, but for DFS there will be some interesting pieces that can lead us to big money. 


        - Kelly Olynyk $5,400 at Celtics: Revenge game? Boston fans will probably show him some love after his amazing performance in game 7 of the playoffs last year. Kelly will be motivated and with all the injuries on the team the usage will be there. He just needs to make shots. Boston is a tough team to attack, but I am comfortable with attacking their big men. 






        - Andre Drummond $9,100 at Mavericks: With Avery Bradley sidelined for tonight's game, Drummond should absorb some extra usage. The Mavs struggle mightily to defend opposing centers so this is a smash spot for Drummond. His price-tag is fair and I can see the pace of this game keeping Drummond's ownership relatively low. Great spot for Drummond tonight in Dallas. 


        - Al Horford $7,300 vs. Heat: Horford is about as consistent as it gets and the Celtics are now running their offense through him. The Miami Heat have been riddled with injury so Horford should have his way with their big men. The minutes are there and the match up is ideal, feel free to fire up Horford in all formats tonight!




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