Today’s Feature


Today’s slate includes 2 of the leagues leading divas so I went in my time machine and back to 1995.  Just as having only 5 games is tough to navigate so was finding a place to fit in at Bronson Alcott High School.







Cher Horowitz



Lebron James (FD - $12100, DK - $11400) and/or Demarcus Cousins (FD - 10700, DK - $10400)

The queen.  LBJ might be one of the best NBA players of all time at stirring up drama.  Whether it is Arthur memes on IG or passive aggressive shade in post-game interviews.  Boogie is also gifted in causing drama.  He was such a hassle in Sacramento that he got traded for Buddy Hield.  Cher lead her crew with charisma which both of these players do.  Today I will be playing a lineup with both and 2 with one or the other.  I was leaning to fade Lebron tonight but the SF position on Fanduel is gross.  It is hard however to fit them both in without putting a horseshoe up your ass and praying a few punts come through.  Lebron has been the most consistent star all season and is good foundation for your lineup today.  Memphis is a mess right now, so the Queen should get it done tonight.  Boogie is without his running mate tonight and should greatly benefit from this.  He has already played Portland basically without Davis once this year and produced this line

39 points, 13 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal, and 3 blocks

In his other game completely without AD versus the Kings

41 points, 23 rebounds, 6 assists, 1 steal, and 1 block




Josh Lucas



Zach Randolph (FD – $4800, DK - $5000)

Josh is Cher’s older step brother with much more life experience from spending time outside of Beverly Hills.  He uses this to show Cher there is more to life.  He is sort of her mentor lover.  ZBo was brought into SAC to be a mentor for all the young talent there along with the skeleton of Vince Carter.  An experiment that doesn’t seem to be working.  The Kings got decimated when they faced the Bucks on Tuesday.  Due to blowout he only played 19 minutes but scored 18.5 FD pts and 18.75 DK pts.  He has been playing around 27-30 minutes recently so if he gets that I see him going 1 ppm again versus a Bucks team that is shaky at D in the front court.  Barring a blowout or being old and not playing his normal minutes makes this play very risky but one I’m willing to take if I want to pay up at other spots.  Keeping my fingers crossed that since this game will be way down in pace it allows for more minutes.




Dionne Davenport


Jrue Holiday (FD - $6800, DK - $6000)

Stand up if you also had a huge crush on Stacey Dash?  For those who haven’t seen Clueless I attached a Kanye video you may recognize.  Anyways, on to Jrue.  He gets to be the number 2 tonight just like Dionne was to Cher.  With AD out his usage should see a little bump also Rondo and he seem to be figuring out how to coexist.  The total on this game is 208 with the Blazers favored by 4.5.  If the score is going to be that high Jrue will have to have a good game.  He is the 2nd best scorer for the team tonight.  I like him more on DK at $800 cheaper, but he should be a good play on both sites.  Without AD this year, he ended up with around 35 points on both nights.  This was pre-Rondo, but I am not so concerned about this.




Tai Frasier


KCP (FD - $6300, DK - $5900)

Welcome the new girl.  KCP is trust trying to fit in on the Lakers.  When KCP is hitting his shots, he can get you lots of points and we like points.  Over the last 4 games he is taking an average of 8 three-pointers a game and making them 48.6% of the time.  Despite Denver playing good D at the SG position, KCP put up 39.5 FD points and 36.75 DK on them in their last meeting.  Over the last 4 games KCP has had over 44 points in 2 of them.




Directed By:  Phil Senzig @philaphonic28