Tonight, there is a tiny three game slate but we have six studs going and it will be interesting to see who the chalk will be. On smaller slates, I tend not to care about ownership percentage but if 65 percent of the field is going with Giannis or Counsins, I will pivot over to Lebron or Anthony Davis. When it comes to pace, New Orleans (6th) vs Washington (14th), Sacramento (28th) vs Philly (4th) and Cleveland (15th) vs Milwaukee (24th) we see that Sacramento gets the biggest pump in pace tonight. Let’s take a look at this slate and see who make the cut for our cash game plays.

Point Guard

 John Wall- On DK his price is too low at $8,880. He gets Rajon Rondo defense which is awful and I always look to attack. Washington is playing up in pace which benefits Wall because for him to score he needs to get out and run. He will get both rebounds and assists but he isn’t a good shooter which make him a risky play on most nights. He was a $9,500-10,000 priced player before he got hurt and that $1,200 discount tonight makes him a great play in cash. He should have no problem hitting value and tonight he seems to be the safest play at point guard.

Eric Bledsoe- His price is perfect for cash games. He hasn’t score below 25 DK points in almost a month and with the bump up in pace he makes for a safe play with a high ceiling. Cleveland has a bunch of slower old players at point guard and the Cavs will focus on slowing down Giannis. He should be popular tonight on a small slate but don’t try to get cute tonight at point guard, pay up.

Other plays I like: De’Aaron Fox or Malcom Brogdon

Shooting Guard

Khris Middleton- He has scored between 36-52 DK points in every game for about three weeks. He is safe and might be the least sexy play of the night. He doesn’t get the juices flowing but at the end of the night he will give you exactly what you wanted. If you want sexiness or excitement you can play Bradley Beal but in cash games I am playing Middleton.

Jrue Holiday- Anytime a good play gets matched up against Bradley Bea,l I look to target them. Holiday will get you between 30-45 tonight and at his price he should fit our lineups perfectly. He makes for a good GPP play because he has the potential to score 60. Playing him on DK is a good option tonight and Holiday offers a safe floor compared to the other SG’s tonight.

Other plays I like: J.J. Redick, E’Twaun Moore, Buddy Hield

Small Forward

LeBron/Giannis- This is all about personal preference here. I think both are good plays tonight and it’s hard to go wrong with either. Last time they met Lebron had 30/9/8 and three steals. Giannis had 40/9/3 and 3 blocks. Both monster games and if you wanted to roster both it’s possible but with a small slate it can be difficult. Have fun choosing who you like more tonight!

Kelly Oubre Jr.- Right now I am guessing that Otto Porter will miss this game. When Oubre gets the minutes, he puts up a decent stat line. He is cheap on both sites and he is a player you need for some salary relief. If his shot is falling tonight he can give us seven or eight times value and with the defenses focusing on Wall and Beal he could be a sneaky ninja tonight. 

Other plays I like: Markieef Morris or Jeff Green

Power Forward

Anthony Davis- I might lean towards AD on this slate. Yes, he is made of paper and he might get hurt taking his pre-game bathroom break but when he is on his ceiling is 80. Out of the big four going tonight (Giannis, LeBron, Cousins, AD), I believe he will be the lowest owned and he gets Markieef Morris defense, YES PLEASE. The juices are flowing for this play, lock and load AD tonight and he gives us over a thousand dollars discount off the small forwards with the same upside.

Mike Scott- The office is making a return in 2018 and apparently Mike Scott is becoming a thing for the Wizards. He has scored 30 DK points in back to back games and at his cheap price he can be in play. I would much rather play the Office’s Michael Scott because he has heart and he’s a leader but on a small slate with few cheap plays tonight, he is worth the look.

Other plays I like: Richuan Holmes or Dario Saric


Kevin Love- 32 points and 16 rebounds is what he did last time these two teams met earlier in the year. He gives us white guys hope that if we ever grow to 6’10 that we can make it to the league and like the teams last match-up he will be an afterthought. If this was an 8 or 10 game slate he would be in the single digits in ownership but he is a great play to get a piece of this game. The final score of their last meeting was 124-119, give me the third best player in this game tonight.

DeMarcus Cousins- He is a mean man who likes to bully his opponents. He gets Gortat or Ian Mahinmi this game, good luck guys! He is in play every night and he will be highly owned and rightfully so. The Pelicans will look to pound it down low and Boogie should have no problem going for 30/15 tonight. Lock and load and enjoy watching his points go up all night. 

Other plays I like: John Henson or Willie Cauley-Stein

Dunks of the Night: Kevin Love, Anthony Davis and Khris Middleton

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