Hollywood is in Session - 'Freaks and Geeks'

Tonight’s Feature


We are going back to school tonight as it is going to be super chalky.  The thing is there are so many guys out tonight that choosing which value play to go for is going to be the deciding factor along with choosing your big money guys.

Look at This Cast

The Freaks 


Kevin Durant (FD - $12000, DK - $11600) 
It is easy to get the money to pay up for KD tonight.  He has shown us just 3 games ago a score of over 70 on both sites.  While Curry and Draymond are out he can’t stand around and continue his quest of defensive player of the year.  He has the abilities to get you over 80 points and with a 38% usage rate it is possible.

Richaun Holmes (FD - $4500, DK - $4100)
He will need to step up with Embiid out tonight.   He is 6’10’’ with over a 7-foot wingspan and 9-foot standing reach.  He has gotten over 30 points in 2 of his last 3 games on both sites.  I want to take a chance on Jokic tonight but with him likely getting over 20 minutes tonight it may be too good to pass up.

Ben Simmons (FD - $9900, DK - $9600) Trap Warning
I’m not exactly in love with this play tonight but the potential is there.  I think he is better off with Embiid on the court however.  In the last 3 games without Embiid he has gotten 35.2, 46, and 42.7 points on FD.  On DK 49.25, 38.5, and 40.5.  He may be too high priced for what he is going to deliver.

The Geeks


Lonzo Ball (FD - $7800, DK - $6900)  
Geek on Geek on Geek.  Could be labeled a freak if you see the DFS points he has gotten with a field goal percentage of 33.2.  This however hasn’t been the case as of late.  Over the last 4 games his FG percentage has been 44.3 and he has averaged over that time 40.2 FD points with a high of 52.6 and 39.69 DK points with a high of 46.  

Dario Saric (DK- $5800)
Too high priced for me on FD as he is looking to get you around 35 points tonight.  However, on DK, I will be playing a lot of him.  35 seems to be what he will get you with Embiid out and the expanded role.  Chicago ranks 19th in DvP at the Power Forward position and Saric can score.  He gets a 4% usage boost tonight.

Substitute Teachers (Others I Like) 

Yogi Ferrell (FD - $4800, DK - $5000) 
Robert Covington (FD - $7400, DK - $6300)
Jordan Bell (FD - $4700, DK - $4500)
Omri Casspi  (FD - $4500, DK - $4100)

Directed By:  Phil Senzig @philaphonic28