Easy Money With Esmond

Results from Friday, December 15th:

Point Guard:
        - Russell Westbrook $11,400: 78.50 points
        - Donovan Mitchell $6,600: 36.25 points

Shooting Guard:
        - DeMar DeRozan $8,400: 40.25 points
        - Lou Williams $7,600: 36.75 points

Small Forward:
        - Giannis Antetokounmpo $11,600: 58.50 points
        - Paul George $7,700: 39.25 points

Power Forward:
        - LaMarcus Aldridge $7,800: 28.50 points
        - Serge Ibaka $6,100: 33 points

        - Andre Drummond $9,100: 49.75 points
        - Marc Gasol $7,900: 31 points


Top Plays for Monday, December 18th:

Point Guard

        - Russell Westbrook $11,200 vs. Nuggets: Westbrook is my favorite stud on this slate if you want to pay up for a star. Although his efficiency hasn't been there lately you can always count on him to fill up the stat sheet. Russ is an elite spot playing up in pace against the Nuggets. We love to attack Denver guards, so this is a smash spot for Russ tonight if you can afford him. 

        - Jamal Murray $5,700 at Thunder: Murray struggled to find his shot and was losing minutes to Mudiay early this season, but the Nuggets seemed to have committed to playing Murray starter's minutes. In addition, Mudiay is questionable for tonight's game so Murray could be in line for even bigger minutes if Mudiay is out or limited. Murray has room for tremendous upside at this price and Westbrook defense does not scare me. 

Shooting Guard

        - Donovan Mitchell $6,700 at Rockets: Mitchell is essentially a lock and load for me at this price, playing way up in pace against the Houston Rockets. The injury to Gobert allows the Jazz to play at a faster pace. Mitchell is the main offensive threat for the Jazz and if they want to have a chance at keeping this game close, their talented rookie will need to have a big game. Look out for Derrick Favors news because if he is out, Mitchell will absorb all the usage for the Jazz. 

        - Josh Richardson $4,800 at Hawks: With the recent ankle-injury to James Johnson, the Miami Heat are struggling with the injury-bug. Josh Richardson was locked into huge minutes prior to Johnson's injury, but now he should see an increase in usage as well. Richardson has always been a great defensive player, that fills up the stat sheet. If he make a few shots tonight, he has potential for massive upside at this price. 

Small Forward

        - Kevin Durant $11,600 at Lakers: I mentioned with Westbrook that he was my favorite stud to play on this slate, but on paper Durant has the best match up if you want to spend up for a star tonight. Durant gets a juicy match up with the Lakers and this is one of the few times where Golden State is actually playing up in pace. With the injuries to Curry and Draymond, Durant will soak up all the usage in the world. KD is in an elite spot tonight against the Lakers. 

        - Justin Holiday $4,900 vs. Sixers: Justin Holiday is still severely under priced and I will continue to roster him as long as the minutes remain where they are at now. Nwaba has been playing better, but his increase in playing time has largely decreased Valentine's value not so much Holiday's. The Bulls are playing way up in pace against the Sixers and you can attack them at virtually every position. Holiday is a strong tournament play with upside. 

Power Forward

        - LaMarcus Aldridge $8,200 vs. Clippers: If you have been a loyal follower, you will notice that I continue to feature Aldridge. I will continue to recommend him as a top play until Leonard returns to see his usual minutes. The offense runs through Aldridge and the Clippers struggle to defend opposing big men. The Spurs will also be playing way up in pace, so the extra possessions will only give Aldridge more opportunities to score.  

        - Dario Saric $5,800 at Bulls: Joel Embiid is sitting out tonight's game for rest so that will open up more usage and minutes for Saric. He is often the most overlooked Sixer when it comes to DFS, but he has been really consistent lately. I like to attack the Bulls at virtually every position, but they struggle the most to guard opposing power forwards. Sneaky good spot for Saric tonight in Chicago. 


        -  Al Horford $6,900 at Pacers: Horford is usually a cash-game staple for me, but tonight he has the upside for tournaments. I also want to take advantage of this discount in price for Horford too. The Celtics will be playing way up in pace and Horford has the pleasure of attacking Myles Turner defense. Indiana struggles to defend opposing center, so this is a smash spot for Big Al. 

        - Myles Turner $6,300 vs. Celtics: We flip to the other side of this match up and Turner himself also has a tasty match up against the Celtics and Al Horford. The Celtics are a tough team to attack, but I like to attack Kyrie Irving and Al Horford defense. Turner has flashed his tournament upside this season and he is a great pivot off of Horford for ownership purposes. 

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