Short Film Edition



Damian Lillard (FD - $9500, DK - $9400)

Yes, Nurk may be playing and of course I like this play better if he isn’t.  I am putting him in here because Dame shouldn’t be written off if Nurk is playing.  The last time he faced Elf he put up a line of 26 points, 7 assists, and 11 rebounds.  Enough for 47.7 FD points.  The final score of that game was 99-94 which was a 193-point total.  The projected point total for tonight is 209. 


Other PG plays (Bledsoe and punt with McConnel)



Marcin Gortat (FD - $4500, DK - $5300)

Slightly more expensive on DK so probably an FD only play.  If Mahinmi is out I will be firing up Gortat.  Jordan has been bad defensively this year and with him having to do so much on the court this game with everyone being out he is going to be gassed.  I am hoping a few extra peripherals and points go Gortat’s way because of this.


Other C plays (Gobert and DeAndre Jordon on DK)



Lou Williams (FD - $8800 and DK - $7600)

He is a good play on both sites but on DK he is almost a lock.  His usage bump with everyone off the court goes up to 37.8%.  He has already been doing almost everything for this team and will now be asked to do even more.  These are his point totals for the last 5 games.



Other SG plays (Mitchell on DK, Harris if Barton out, and Tyreke if starting full minutes)



John Collins (FD - $5900, DK - $5500)

Coming out the gates hot after his injury.  This team needs all the help they can get.  Memphis is weak at defending the Power Forward and Collins should be able to take advantage of it.  They rank 26th in efficiency and JaMychal Green ranks 28th for the times they are matched up together.  He scored around 30 points in his return on both sites and this was in about 20 minutes.  If he gets a few extra minutes he should really exceed his salary. 


Other PF plays (James Johnson, AD, and both Bulls guys if Lauri is out)



Kawhi Leonard (FD - $6800 only) *if guaranteed 25 minutes

I am putting him here because he needs to be watched.  In his 16 minutes last game he scored 1.85 FD points per minute.  This gave him 27.7 FD points.  He has had 3 days more rest since his previous game.  If there start to be rumblings that Kawhi is going to get 25 minutes in a game that both teams want to win I will put him in a lineup on FD.  Due to the flexibility and not getting extra points for blocks and steals he won’t be in anything I do on Draftkings.


Other SF plays (Rudy Gay if no extra minutes for Kawhi, Chandler, and Hezonja)



Scene of the Day




Directed By:  Phil Senzig @philaphonic28