Results from Thursday, December 14th:



Point Guard:

        - Spencer Dinwiddie $6,700: 50.25 points

        - Yogi Ferrell $4,600: 18.75 points


Shooting Guard:

        - Caris LeVert $5,400: 34.25 points

        - Bogdan Bogdanovic $3,900: 21.50 points


Small Forward:

        - Harrison Barnes $6,700: 29.25 points

        - Brandon Ingram $6,500: 45 points


Power Forward:

        - Kristaps Porzingis $9,600: 23 points

        - Julius Randle $5,100: 23.50 points



        - Karl-Anthony Towns $9,100: 69.50 points

        - Kevin Love $7,900: 54.75 points




Top Plays for Friday, December 15th:




Point Guard:


        - Russell Westbrook $11,400 at Sixers: Russ is priced too cheap in an elite, up in pace match up against the Sixers tonight. Westbrook was able to produce fantasy points for us in their previous game against the Pacers, even though he wasn't shooting well. Look for Russ to get his shot back on track against the Sixer guards tonight. The Sixers have no one that can match up Westbrook, so if this game stays close he could lead to some glory tonight. 


        - Donovan Mitchell $6,600 at Celtics: Mitchell has been logging major minutes as a rookie, but his great play makes it tough for a coach to sit him right now. As of now, this is the only game on the slate with an over/under that is under 200 so this will probably lead to a lower ownership for Mitchell. Another reason I like this play tonight is because he isn't afraid to shoot it and he is super aggressive on the court. He will get overlooked on this slate, but he is priced way too cheap so take advantage and buy low on Mitchell. 




Shooting Guard:


        - DeMar DeRozan $8,400 vs. Nets: DeMar has been crazy, consistent lately and that should continue tonight in a contest with the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets are on the second game of a back to back and struggle to guard pretty much every position. The pace of this game will be ideal for DeRozan and he has improved his play making abilities this season, no longer making him a one-trick pony. 


        - Lou Williams $7,600 at Wizards: Take a peak at the Clippers roster and there will be several names you won't recognize. The team is decimated by injury and Lou is the only legitimate offense threat for the Clippers. I'm surprised he isn't priced over $8k but I do not mind buying into Lou on a discounted price. If the Clippers have any chance at keeping this game close, Lou will need to have a big night. 




Small Forward:


        - Giannis Antetokounmpo $11,600 vs. Bulls: Outside of Russ, the Greek Freak is one of my favorite plays is you want to spend up on a stud tonight. The Greek Freak is match up proof and gets an up in pace match up against the struggling Chicago Bulls. The minutes and all the ancillary stats have been there, we just need this game to stay close enough for Giannis to smash value. 


        - Paul George $7,700 at Sixers: Ah...Paul George, he recently let us all down in a smash spot, in a revenge game against his former team... but I will digress. Recency bias by all those people that wasted money by rostering PG will drive his ownership down, so that is the exact reason why I want to play him tonight. He should be low owned and the price didn't move. This is a great bounce back spot against the Sixers and the Thunder are playing way up in pace. Look for PG to get back on track tonight against the Sixers. 




Power Forward: 


        - LaMarcus Aldridge $7,800 at Rockets: As a Houston Rockets fan, I have witnessed Aldridge dominate us in Toyota Center dating all the way back to his Portland days. The Texas Native loves to play in Houston and the pace of this game makes him a great tournament play for me tonight. The Spurs are still easing in Leonard so the usage will still be there for Aldridge. This is a divisional game, so I expect it to stay close and the Spurs will need a big outing from Aldridge to have a chance to take down the red-hot Houston Rockets. 


        - Serge Ibaka $6,100 vs. Nets: Ibaka has been sneaky consistent lately and tonight the Raptors get a tasty match up against the Brooklyn Nets. The Raptors already play at a fast pace, but the Nets play at the 3rd quickest in the league so this will be an up and down game. On tonight's slate the Nets give up the most points to opposing power forwards, so this is a great spot for Ibaka tonight. 






        - Andre Drummond $9,100 at Pacers: Drummond bounced back in big way against the Atlanta Hawks last night and I expect his outstanding play this season to continue tonight. Not only did Drummond's price go down from his monster game, but he gets another juicy match up with Myles Turner and the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers give up points to opposing big men in bunches, so look for Drummond to have another great game. 


        - Marc Gasol $7,900 vs. Hawks: Gasol let us all down in a smash spot in their previous game. The Grizzles sat Tyreke Evans, so Gasol was going to absorb all the usage, but failed to smash. Regardless of whether or not Evans plays, Gasol is a great spot for tournaments tonight. Recency bias will drive ownership down and the Hawks have a way of helping opposing centers get back on track. Great spot to bounce back for Gasol tonight against the Hawks.




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