Hollywood is in Session - 'Good WIll Hunting'

Tonight’s Feature



Will Hunting


Donovan Mitchell (FD - $7600, DK - $7000) 
Will Hunting a young Genius who is destined for greatness and must leave the trappings of South Boston to reach his potential.  Donovan Mitchell is a supremely talented rookie who is destined for greatness and must leave the trappings of Utah to be seen on TV.  I usually don’t like to play people from the lowest projected point total of the evening, but Mitchell has a good matchup with no one that can guard him.  With all of the narratives tonight and stars available I feel Mitchell is going to be overlooked and he is priced fairly for his upside.  Here are his points over the last five games on both sites.

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 2.53.06 PM.png

Sean Maguire


Paul George (FD - $7600, DK - $7700)  
Sean is still getting over the loss of his wife and Paul George is getting over the fact that he lived in Indiana for 7 years.  Sorry any Indianans but you know you don’t like it there either.  It was a bitter ending and the fans are still upset with him.  He wants to console those fans now just as Sean wants to console Will.  George is in a good spot tonight regardless of the narrative, but it helps.  We have seen this season he has 60+ point upside and it can happen on any night.  Bogdonavic ranks 28th in Defensive Rating and George will be able to do whatever he wants.  The trick is if he wants it and he’s healthy enough to go big.  He also currently leads the NBA in steals which is a difference maker if you are playing him on FD.



Eric Bledsoe (FD - $6900, DK - $6800)
Skylar stole the heart of Will and Bledsoe is trying to do the same with Bucks fans currently.  He has been successful in doing just that.  He has been consistent night in and night out which I never thought I would say about Bledsoe.  Tonight, he is playing up in pace and facing a below average defense.  He sits currently at a 25.5% usage rate and has 50+ point upside. 

The Crew (the best scene about a burger included)

Nikola Vucevic (FD - $9300, DK - $8800)
His price keeps going up but with Gordon off the court it has been warranted.  Over the last 3 games he has been above 55 in all 3 with a high of 65.6 points on FD and 71.75 DK points.  DeAndre Jordon may get 9000 rebounds a game, but he can’t defend very well.  Jonas, Gortat, Towns, and the list goes on of guys who played fine against him. Vuc should wear him down by the end of the game.

Serge Ibaka (FD $5800, DK - $5700)
I am going to keep playing him until he fails.  He has been around 30 or above points on both sites over his last 4 games.  If his 3 is falling all the better.  Over that time, he has been shooting an average of 6 a game and 13.75 shots total.  Also, has been averaging 2 blocks per game.  Also, Phoenix is trash and can’t defend anyone.  30th in DvP at Power Forward.



Good luck tonight everyone, I gotta go see about a girl.


Directed By:  Phil Senzig @philaphonic28