Hollywood is in Session - 'Kick-Ass'

Tonight’s Feature



Dave Lizewski/Kick-Ass



Spencer Dinwiddie (FD - $7000, DK - $6100) 

Dave Lizewski wanted to make a difference and prove himself.  He wanted to grab the heart of the girl of his dreams.  Spencer Dinwiddie had been given up on and was plucked by Brooklyn from the D-league.  Since then he has been proving himself as a great asset and a worthy starting PG in the league.  He has been taking full advantage of the playing time opening up after the injuries to Lin and Russell.  The heart he is looking to grab is the heart of the big apple.  He has shown this with the bump on his average points at home.  So far, this year he is averaging 13.7 more fantasy points at home.  

Mindy Macready/Hit-Girl



Jimmy Butler (FD - $9000, DK - $8000)  

Jimmy Buckets was born to ball and Hit Girl was born to well murder.  Both are the most qualified and experienced on their team and give their team the best chance at winning.  The Wolves are playing way up in pace tonight and share the second highest projected point total of the night.  Reddick ranks nearly dead last in defense at the position and Philly ranks 22nd overall in DvP at the SG spot.  It seems Jimmy has been given the green light to go buck wild.  He has averaged 41 minutes per game in his last 5 and in the previous 5 it was 35.6 minutes.  That small amount makes all the difference especially with a guy able to get you points in every category.  His average points over this period has been 42.36 FD and 46.3 DK points.  

Chris D’Amico/Red Mist


Jahlil Okafor (FD - $5200, DK - $4200)

Red Mist was left out of his Dad’s plans and Okafor was left out of the process.  Tonight, Okafor makes his debut in the house that Jay-Z built.  This will all depend on whether Wall is playing and how many minutes Okafor gets so play at your own risk.  While Wall has been out rebounds have been up for grabs in these Wiz games.  If Wall is playing I will most likely move down to Gortat or pay up to Drummond or Towns.

Damon Macready/Big Daddy


Taj Gibson (FD - $5300, DK - $6000)

A solid player this season.  Recently Taj has been putting up around 30 points on each site.  If he gets that double double bonus on DK this should pay off.  Some of his better games this season have come in ones that are up in pace and he has a great matchup to do it again.

Dwyane Wade (FD $5300, DK - $5300)

He has slowed down as of late, but Atlanta is always a good spot for everyone to bounce back.  In his previous outing against Atlanta he put up 41.9 FD points and 38.5 DK points.  30+ points are in play tonight.  I like this play even more if Love is out for the night.  Wade gets a 3.2% usage bump.

Directed By:  Phil Senzig @philaphonic28