Tonight’s Feature


According to me the best Superhero movie by far but that can be debated at another time.  Let’s just roll the film.


Bruce Wayne/Batman



Damian Lillard (FD - $9300, DK - $9200)

Bruce Wayne is a wealthy playboy by day and The Bat at night fighting crime to save his city.  Damian Lillard is a wealthy player by day and Dame D.O.L.L.A. at night fighting to show that NBA players can also be rappers.  I know he is most likely going to be the most honed player tonight and he rightfully should be.  For the guys who get boners over narratives, we have the prodigal son of Oakland returning home.  For the guys who get boners over usage we have a whopping usage rate over 40% with Nurkic out.  He was going to be playable in the matchup even before the Nurkic news.  He’s averaging 43.1 FD points and 45 DK points on the season, so I expect more than this tonight.  

The Joker


Kevin Durant (FD - $11700, DK - $10900)

The villain of the NBA.  People are still mad about KD going to Oakland to make the super team.  It has skewed our DFS lineups every time the Warriors are on a slate and it has solidified this super team culture in the NBA.  On top of this he has burner twitter accounts to troll.  I love it, but others don’t so here he is our Joker.  No Steph=Durant plays like he should always play.  Over his last two games he has 74.5 and 66.2 points on FD.  On DK he has 73 and 72.25 points.

Lucius Fox


Lucius Fox was the one who provided all of the excitement for Batman with his tech and toys.  The only person who provides the Heat with any excitement when you watch a game is James Johnson when he is posterizing his opponents.  

This game should be slow and close.  The way it is going to be one is in the paint and PF is the weakest spot on this Memphis team.  They rank 17th in DvP and Jamychal Green can’t stop anyone.  For having Mark Gasol they don’t rebound very well.  Johnson isn’t a top rebounder in the league but there will be boards free to grab.  Memphis just gave a 40+ point DFS performance to Melo, 29+ DFS points to Ibaka.  

Harvey Dent



Serge Ibaka (FD $5500, DK - $5600)

There is the motivated Ibaka and then there is the one that started the year.  He has picked it up over the last 4 games and I am going to continue to ride it.  So far in December he is averaging 28.5 Minutes, 60.4 FG%, 5 rebounds, .8 assists, 1.8 blocks, .5 steals, and 18.8 points.  This is with a high of 39.7 FD points and 37 DK points. 

Sal Maroni



Jonas Valanciunas (FD $4700, DK - $4400)

Eric Roberts was probably in The Dark Knight as long as Jonas is let play in games.  If you are paying up at the other spots you are going to have to save at center.  If you don’t quite have enough leftover for the Robin Lopez play I am going to roll out Jonas. There is nothing exciting here, but he should find a way to get 20 points.  DeAndre is a mediocre defender and so Jonas should be able to get his.  If you can pay up Deandre isn’t a bad play either.  Cross your fingers Jonas gets over 20 minutes and it will be safe. You can also punt with whoever Portland decides to run out, but it is looking currently like a committee approach.  



Draymond Green (FD - $8500, DK - $7400) if playing

The wild card.  If Draymond plays he Is going to be in my lineups.  Especially on DK.  He has been great over the last two games he has played.  53.7 and 56.3 FD points and on DK 46 and 53.25 points.

Directed By:  Phil Senzig @philaphonic28