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8 games tonight with not a lot of high salary guys.  I will be looking in GPP tonight to go balanced.  Right now, my first lineup is all players between 5k and 9k.  Everyone plays a specific role in The Bourne Identity whether it be the reluctant hero, reliable sidekick, or a director.  So tonight, I will be given 1 pick at each position.





Jason Bourne

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Andre Drummond (FD -  $8800, DK - $8800)

Jason was a trained CIA spy with the capability to kill anyone at any time.  He suffers from amnesia and doesn’t know that he has these skills to start the movie.  Andre Drummond is a trained big man with the capability to kill your lineup on any slate.  When on the court he often gets amnesia, and forgets he is even playing basketball.  That being said I am going all in on him.  As stated in my last piece when suggesting Embiid, the Wiz are giving up so many rebounds to the front court of every team since Wall has been out. Here are the amounts given in the last 2 games.

KAT & Taj -  28 Rebounds, Combined season average – 20 Rebounds

Embiid – 14 Rebounds, Combined season average – 11.4

Sixers Rebounds vs. Wizards Rebounds – 64 to 35

Now let’s see Drummonds season average – 15.2 total and if this jumps to 20, that is already 25 DK points and 24 FD points.  You can easily add the 1.5pts on DK for the double double. Add 1 steal and 1 block plus 4 assists which matches his averages plus his 14.3pts.  He should easily reach his ceiling tonight giving his amnesia doesn’t set in.  That 70 point performance he put on against Boston is in reach tonight.



The Professor



Victor Oladipo (FD - $8600, DK - $8000)

The professor was a gifted trained shooter capable as Bourne in killing a man many different ways.  He unloaded his gun at a large rate.  Oladipo can get you points in every category the same way the Professor can get his kills.  He is not quite the shooter that The professor is but when he is hot like he was in the game against Orlando he can make 78.6% of his shots.  Speaking of shots he unloads at a very high rate.  In the games he has played this season he has shot 15 or more times in 13 out of 14 and 20 or more in half of them.  He has a ceiling of over 60 points and in a game at their normal pace against Derozan who rates at the low bottom end of defenders he should easily crush his price tag.  With the game being the third highest over/under on the slate this doesn’t hurt either.  He scored 49.10 FD points and 53.70 FD points in his last two and 43.75 DK points with 52.50 FD points over that time.



Nicky Parsons


Kelly Oubre, Jr  (FD - $5000, and DK - $4800)

Nicky was the reliable one for Bourne.  While he had no memory, he needed her to fill in the holes.  In the next movies she is the only solid person he can consistently lean on.  It is weird for me saying that Oubre is reliable put over the last 3 games without Wall he has been.  With Wall out he has a usage rate of 24.7%, which is 5.3% higher than his normal rate.  Besides Otto that’s a higher bump than anyone else.  Here are the minutes he has been given over those games – 29, 31, 25.  If he can get around that 29-minute mark he should be golden.  He is shooting 46.1% from the field and shooting 13.6 shoots a game.  His point totals for those games are:

FD – 39.40, 31.80, and 26.70

DK - 39.75, 29.5, and 26.5

I don’t know if he will hit 39 again but if we average those numbers we would have:

FD – 32.63

DK – 31.92



Ward Abbot & Alexander Conklin

Abbot & Conklin.jpg

Reggie Jackson (FD - $6200) and Elfrid Payton (DK - $6100)

Who was the true lead antagonist or biggest asshole in Bourne Identity?  Was it Ward Abbott or Alexander Conklin? I don’t know if Reggie Jackson or Elfrid Payton or if really, they are the leaders for their teams.  They are however point guards so this is how this was really chosen.  The thing they do have in common is they are all consistently in the dog house.  That being said I was going with Reggie on both sites, but Elf is only $100 more on DK.  So, either is a trap or it’s a good play.  The Wiz have been giving tons of points to point guards since Wall has been out.  They have given high point totals to Lillard, Tyus, and Simmons/Bayless.  Granted these are talented guys but while Stan is letting Reggie play I am going to roster him in good situations.  He has scored around 33 over the last 2 games on both sites and I see that as a good play if you are uneasy of rostering Tyus without news on Teague being out before lock.  Yes, he doesn’t have the biggest GPP upside, but he is safe currently at this price and sometimes that’s what winning a tourney takes in some spots.  Now to Elf.  Way up in pace in this game and he can smash a $6100 price tag.  He’s scored 40 plus fantasy points in 2 of his last three games and could easily hit 50 points tonight.  Curry is a decent defender but who knows what this hand thing is. Longshot because he is a professional but maybe this forces him to play less aggressive defense tonight.



Beast Mode Bourne

Aaron Gordon (FD – 7900, DK - $7600)

We talked about amnesia Bourne earlier and now this is when Bourne is in his prime.  When he is destroying fools.  He fights with magazines and pens versus knives.  Just like Bourne when Gordon turns it on it is DFS magic.  I know he will be a little bit chalky tonight but there are some decent value plays at the Power Forward position and some guys who might draw away from him in AD and LMA as Aldridge has been crushing it lately and Russ/Boogie are the only real huge names on the slate.  Gordon has shown some nights he can hit 70 points like yesterday but even if he can get us 50 tonight that is what we need.  Draymond has been getting crushed lately as Kerr may have told this whole team to just wait till the post season.


Directed By:  Phil Senzig @philaphonic28