Over the last couple of nights of playing DFS, I have never had this much fun. Ever since I joined the DG Courtroom Slack group, every night has been enjoyable to play DFS. Just talking basketball with intelligent players who know the game and like to give advice makes it fun. I love being able to pick The Judge’s brain in Slack and not only does he respond, but does it right away.

I am a good cash game player, but struggle with bigger slates. I asked The Judge how he approaches bigger slates and he could have just told me to do more research or just completely ignored me. We are playing in the same tournaments and I potentially could be taking money out of his pocket. He told me the players he liked, why he liked them and how to attack bigger slates. That night I cashed in every tournament I played on DK (including Chambers). There are other players as well, like fluckinfantasy, who have made me a better GPP player.

Now it’s my turn to help you guys. Here are my plays for the night and if you need help with your DFS game, in all honesty join the Slack group. I know it’s 10 bucks and I will never tell another man how to spend his money, but The Judge doesn’t want you there for your money. He honestly wants to help us and I want to help you win money. Before you guys start to ask, no he didn’t tell me to plug the Slack page. I did this on my own and I want these articles to be fun, helpful, and profitable to everyone. Good luck everyone and let’s slay the Monster tonight! Get at me on Twitter or the Slack group @lawrencedoto. I would love to answer your questions and help everyone tonight.



Point Guards:


Steph Curry (FD-$9,700 DK-$9,900) - Steph Curry is the best shooter in the league and now gets crappy Elfrid Payton defense. Curry makes for a good cash game play tonight, but he is always a good GPP play. You can pencil him in for 40 FD/DK points a night and in this game I can easily see him reaching that by the start of the fourth quarter. Say what you want about the Warriors, but every night I watch a game Steph never takes a night off and always plays hard. He will get his shots off regardless and when he catches fire, nobody in the league can put up points like him.


Kyle Lowry (FD-$8,500 DK-$8,100) - Kyle Lowry has found his mojo. He has been over 38 FD points in seven of his last eight games and now he gets to play the Pacers. I am paying up for point guard tonight mosty because I want safety at the position and when you lock in Steph and Lowry you are pretty much locking in 80 points. It isn’t always about finding the low price, crazy upside kind of play. Don’t over think this and plug in Lowry in this dream matchup.


Other plays I like: Russell Westbrook (FD-$ 11,300 DK-$11,400) or Patty Mills (FD-$4,600 DK-$4,100)



Shooting Guard:


Victor Oladipo- (FD-$ 8,600 DK-$8,000) - I was giddy when I saw I got Oladipo the other night and he was less than 5% owned in every tournament I played. He scored 49 FD points and he only scored 19 points! He added three rebounds, five assists, two blocks, five steals and he also made the sexual juice flow through my body. He’s a good all-around player and I love players that fill up the stat sheet. If you play Oladipo, just make sure your lover is prepared for tonight. Things are going to get sexy.


E’Twaun Moore (FD-$3,700 DK-$3,600) - I know. I know. He isn’t very good, but I need to save money somewhere. He is still getting 25 plus minutes a night and all he has to do is get us around 15-18 points tonight and he hits value. The Jazz have been awful against shooting guards this year and Moore has 30 FD/DK point upside. He is like our Bayless play from last night. If he hits a couple of shots and falls into a rebound or two he will give us what we wanted. Just make sure you have your crazy Oladipo outer space sex before you look at how good Moore is doing tonight because it can be a mood killer….or it could be time for round two!

Other plays I like: Danny Green (FD-$4,600 DK-$4,300) or Alec Burks (I’m playing him most likely over Moore) He will single handedly be the reason many babies will be born September/October next year. He will be over 80% owned in every tournament tonight. (FD-$3,600 DK- $3,600)



Small Forward:


Jonathan Simmons (FD-$5,100 or DK-$5,100) - Simmons got in foul trouble last game and he was the ultimate dream killer. He still played 33 minutes, but OKC plays good defense at almost every position and this contributed to his bad night. This game will be fast paced and it fits his style of play. Simmons just needs to get a handful of assists and rebounds and he will have no problem hitting value tonight. He will go low owned tonight and he makes for a good play.

Rudy Gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that) (FD-$4,800 DK-$4,700) - It seems like Rudy Gay hits value every night. If he can get closer to 25 minutes tonight he will absolutely crush value. This is a make out McConnell play. It’s not sexy. It’s just a plug and play and move on to the next player. Maybe this is a revenge game going back to Memphis?

Other plays I like: Darius Miller (FD-$3,600 DK-$3,400) or Andre Iguodala (FD-$3,800 DK-$3,800)



Power Forward:


LaMarcus Aldridge (FD-$8,900 DK-$8,500) - In least surprising news, I am recommending Aldridge tonight. He has made me look like a genius the last two games (dropping 51 and 64 FD points) and he gets the same team he just dropped 41 real points against. He is just dominating and, for whatever reason, goes lower owned then he should be. He isn’t doing anything unrealistic. The offense is running through him and he is doing what he has been his whole career. He looks like Portland LaMarcus Aldridge and until Kawhi comes back he is a lock and load.

Taj Gibson (FD-$5,500 DK-$5,700) - Remember what Aaron Gordon just did to Melo? Gibson will grab every rebound possible and he will dominate Melo in the post. I can easily see him getting a 15/15 kind of game. This isn’t a play that gets the juices flowing, but these are the type of consistent plays you need in your lineup. $5,500 is a good price and he has reached 29 or more FD points in four of his last five games. This is more of a kiss on the cheek kind of play that might lead to a little tongue if he decides to bully Melo in the post.

Other plays I like: Zack Randolph (FD-$5,300 DK-$5,200) or Frank Kaminsky (FD-$4,600 DK-$4,000)





Dwight Howard (FD-$ 7,900 DK-$7,500) - Dwight Howard loves two things; doing shoulder work outs and hitting up high school girls (allegedly). How does this help him on the court tonight? It doesn’t. However, he should be able to dominate Bam Bam tonight and Dwight has been feasting for the last week. He has five 40 or more FD points and this is another spot where he should smash.

Bam Adebayo (FD- $4,700 DK-$4,100) - Bam Bam might be chalky, but he doesn’t have to do much to hit value. He didn’t even play that great against the Knicks and he scored 20 FD points. That game got ugly pretty quick and the Knicks do play solid defense in the post. Dwight Howard tends to get in foul trouble and if he can get to Frank the Tank or Cody Zeller he should have no problems grabbing rebounds against them. He should see around 30 minutes and he is at a good price point. If you don’t pay up at center, Bam is a good value play tonight.

Other plays I like: Marcin Gortat (FD-$ 4,600 DK-$4,900) or Jonas Valanciunas (FD-$4,500 DK-$4,800)


Doto’s dunks of the day: Kyle Lowry, Victor Oladipo, LaMarcus Aldridge