Fluck's Cream of the Flock


1. Russell Westbrook 10.5k- Man, Westbrook at 10.5k, what a difference a year makes. This man is heavily discounted right now. This is due to the newly acquired pieces the Thunder received over the preseason. He has yet to have that huge Westy like performance we became familiar with last season. Tonight he gets a great matchup against the Nuggets who rank 28th in DvP against the PG position. Westbrook came out and said after their last lose that he was going to be better, so I expect him to turn up today. On this slate he is good across all formats. When rostering  him look to get 48-55 FDP to be of any value to you tonight.

2. John Wall 10k- Today wall gets a decent matchup agains the Lakers, who actually rank 13th in DvP. The thing is they like to push the pace tho and Wall thrives in transition plays. With that said Walls jumper is broke as hell, but at home today I expect a better outing than when we saw them matchup in LA. Averaging close to 1.24 FDP per minute and playing close to 36 minutes a night, look to get 45-50 FDP from Wall tonight to be really effective in your line ups.

3. TJ McConnell 5.4k- TJ has been a great mid tier plug to start this season. With Fultz and Bayless sidelined, Tj has stepped it up nicely. Today, he gets a juicy matchup against the Kings who rank 25th in DvP. He has posted over 20 FDP in every game he's played when receiving over 25 minutes or more. On this short slate, if you are looking for some slight salary relief, TJ may be your guy. Be looking to get 22-25 FDP from TJ, to feel comfortable about rostering him.


1. James Harden 11.2k- Harden is my favorite play on the board today. In a game that is projected to have the highest total of the night at 228, I will be finding a way to squeeze him into all of my cash and GPP line ups today. Attacking the Cavs two guard spot has been something I have been doing all year. The just simply can not guard anyone right now. The Cavs currently rank 25th in DvP vs SGs. At this price tag, he is a little pricey but I think he is well worth it tonight. Ill be looking to get 55-60 FDP out of him tonight, to feel good about spending up on him this evening. Fire him up across all formats!

2. Eric Gordon 6.3k- Eric Gordons usage without CP3 has been awesome. He looks like a new player out there this season. He is very active, and as DFS players we love active players. Any spot you are comfortable rostering Harden in, you can also use Gordon in as well. He has been over 20 FDP in every game this year and gets a juicy matchup today vs the Cavs. With his safe floor and consistency, it makes him a solid cash game play. I don't mind the idea of stacking Harden and Gordon together tonight. At his current price, you will be wanting to get 35-38 FDP to have any value to you tonight. 

3. Will Barton 5.9k- Will the Thrill has been great coming off the bench this year for the Nuggets. Today he gets a great matchup against a OKC team that rank 30th in DvP vs the two spot. Will has been averaging over 25 minutes per game and performing great. Coming off two 35 FDP + games, he has great spot tonight to get another one. At his current price tag, you will be wanting to get 28-35 FDP from him, in order to have any value in your line ups.  He is still more of a GPP play for me but I could see him being safe for todays slate in cash games as well.

4. Dwayne Wade 4.7k- Here is a cheap value plug tonight, he is strictly a GPP play for me, but on this short 5 game slate he could help get you some salary relief. The past two game Wade has been terrific. Along with seeing over 30 minutes the past two he also eclipsed over 25 FDP and one 40 FDP game. Rose is out tonight, so expect a slight usage bump for Wade. When rostering him look to get 22-26 FDP to be of any value to you. GPP only !


1. Lebron James 11.8- Lebron has been an straight animal this season. The Cans have been relying on him heavily for everything. His usage has been insane. LeBron touches the ball almost every play, which is awesome for us. Today he gets a great matchup against the Rockets who haven't defended SFs well this season ranking 20th in DvP. This gam has the highest projected point total on the night, and LeBron is averaging 1.45 FDP per minute and playing a lot of them. Expect to get about 55-62 FDP for a priced up Lebron today, to feel comfortable rostering him. Fire him up across all formats! 

2. Paul George 8k- PG13 has been pretty consistent this year and has a good usage rate. Today he doesn't get the best matchup, with the Nuggets ranking in the top 5 in DvP vs SFs. He is averaging over 1 FDP per minute and playing gan average of 35 minutes. At this price tag, he is getting a little up there for me. With that said the Thunder just came off a bad game vs the Kings, and I think they will come out hot tonight. At his 8k price tag, you will be wanting 40-45 from Paul tonight to have any value in your line ups. He is more of a GPP play for me tonight.

3. Brandon Ingram 6.2k- His price is slowly starting got creep up on us, and rightfully so. He has put up over 26 FDP in his last six games and has been very aggressive when on the floor. Something to note is that the Lakers are on a back to back with travel. At his current price tag, Ingram makes for solid mid price plug. Look to get 35-38 FDP from him to really give your line up some  bang for your buck. More of a GPP play for me tonight. 


1. Anthony Davis 11.9k-  One of th most expensive players on the board, and rightfully so. AD has been a beast this season, averaging over 1.4 FDP per minute and playing around 37 of them. He gets a goo matchup today vs a Toronto team that has defended against PFs poorly this season, and rank 19th in DvP. If he can stay healthy, Ad is in for a monster season. Ad is safe across all formats tonight and if you have the salary I would fire him up! Look to get 60-65 from AD to be effective in your line ups tonight.

2. Ben Simmons 9.9k- He is the most expensive rookie I have seen in years on Fanduel, and theres a reason for it. He is a Stat Sheet Stuffer, and we love players that stuff the stats in DFS. Four of his last five game she has been over 50 FDP. He is averaging 1.3 FDp per minute and playing over 36 minutes a game. Today he gets a great matchup against a Kings team that is 14th in DvP against PFs. I think Simmons is safe for all formats tonight and is good bit cheaper than AD with similar upside in my opinion. You will be wanting to see around 45-55 FDP from him tonight to have any value to you.

3. Markief Morris 4.5k- Morris has been sidelined for most the year, but is slwoly getting his minutes back. He played 27 minutes against Dallas in his previous matchup, and gets a Lakers defense that ranks 23rd in DvP. If you are looking for some salary relief to plug in some studs, he may be your guy. At 4.1k he hardly need much to hit value. He is strictly a GPP play for me tonight. When rostering him, look to get 20-25 FDP from Morris to have a nice punch t your line ups.


1. Joel Embiid 9.6k- Embiid is a usage machine when he's on the floor. Today he gets a great matchup against the Kings who are terrible against opposing centers. They currently rank 28th in DvP. Embiid should be well rested after taking the night off in their last game. He should have dominate night and at his current price tag should be able to pay it off. You will be wanting to get about 46-55 FDP from Embiid tonight to be of any value. Fire him up across all formats.

2. Kevin Love 7.3k- Kevin Love finally had that bust out game against the Bucks. His price is still pretty fair here. He doesn't get the easiest matchup but this game should have a lot of scoring and with TT out for the Cavs, Klove seems to stepping up his rebounding game. Look for the Cavs to use Love heavily on the perimeter and in the post. At his current price tag, you you'll be wanting to get 36-42 FDP from him tonight to be of any value to you. Fire him up across th board.

3. Marcin Gortat 5.5k- If you are looking to save some money tonight at the center position, he is your guy. He gets a good match up against the Lakers who rank 19th in DvP vs Cs. They met up just a few games ago, and at 6.1k, he got 31 FDP, today he is even cheaper, and I expect a decent game from him here. He is more of a GPP play for me tonight but at his current price, he can be used in cash games as well. When rostering him tonight, you will be wanting 25-30 FDP to be of any use to you.

Good luck! Have Fun!

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