Easy Money With Esmond

Results from 11/08/2017 picks:
Point Guard:
        - Stephen Curry $9,300 - 48.50 points
        - Kyrie Irving $8,800 - 35 points
        - Frank Ntilikina $3,800 - 27.50 points
Shooting Guard:
        - Devin Booker $8,000 - 45.25 points
        - Dion Waiters $5,700 - 22.25 points
Small Forward:
        - Andrew Wiggins $6,500 - 36 points
        - Lance Stephenson $3,300 - 17 points
Power Forward:
        - Marcus Morris $4,000 - 25.75 points
        - Jared Dudley $3,000 - 28.25 points
        - Andre Drummond $8,400 - 47.75 points
        - Brook Lopez $6,100 - 19 points


Tops Plays for Tonight

Point Guard

        - Kyle Lowry $7,000: The Raptors are playing up in pace at home against the Pelicans. I like to attack Jrue Holiday defense and Lowry should once again get overlooked in tonight's slate. The fact that his price tag is only $7,000 leaves him with a ton of room for upside. Lowry is a sneaky pivot if you don't want to go Harden or Westbrook tonight at point guard. 

        - Jordan Clarkson $4,400: Clarkson is one of the few Lakers that Coach Walton trusts off the bench. He is the key to the Lakers second unit and if he gets going Walton isn't afraid to play him extended minutes. Both teams play at a top ten pace in the league, so there should be plenty of scoring involved. There is room for upside at Clarkson's price, great tournament play tonight.

Shooting Guard

        - Bradley Beal $7,800: The John Wall and Lonzo Ball rematch in Washington. Beal should once again get overlooked as most decide to play Wall in a juicy match up against Lonzo. If Wall gets going look for the Lakers to switch Caldwell-Pope onto Wall leaving Beal with easier scoring opportunities. Beal's price has also dropped $500 since their last game, Beal is in an elite spot tonight against the Lakers who are on the second game of a back to back. 

        - Buddy Hield $4,600: Hield has been disappointing as a starter this year and recently got moved to the bench. The move must have woke him up because he has been doing well as leader of the second unit. Vince Carter has a chance to miss this game and the Kings are playing up in pace against the Sixers. You can attack Sixers guards, he's been under the radar lately and is a solid play tonight. 

        - Kyle Korver $3,500: I love to pivot to Kyle Korver whenever a Cavs guard is out. Most will pivot to Shumpert (reports are that he is starting), Smith or Wade but I love Korver as a sneaky pick in a great match up with Houston. Rose has already been listed as out, so this opens up more minutes for Korver. If the Cavs want to keep it close with the three point shooting Rockets, they will need to get Korver going. 

Small Forward

        - Carmelo Anthony $6,600: Melo revenge game? He makes his return to Denver and I know he last played for the Knicks but he spent a good part of his career there. All narratives aside, Melo is a great tournament play tonight because the Thunder are playing up in pace coming off an embarrassing loss to the Kings. Look for Melo and crew to come out hungry and his discounted price provides so much room for upside. 

        - PJ Tucker $3,700: The Rockets have already called up Center Zhou Qi from the G League so that leads me to believe that Mbah a Moute is going to be out tonight (currently listed as questionable) due to his sore knee. Whether or not Mbah a Moute plays ,Tucker is still in a great spot against the Cavs. One of the reasons Houston signed Tucker this off season was for match ups like tonight. The Rockets need more three and D wing players other than Ariza. If LeBron gets going look for Tucker to get a huge bump in minutes. Great value play if you want to fit in some studs tonight.

Power Forward

        - Kevin Love $7,400: How did Love's price go down after a monster performance against the Bucks? I'm not complaining as I will lock and load Love into my lineups tonight. Capela has trouble guarding big men on the perimeter so Love should have his way tonight with the Rockets bigs. If the Rockets decide to go small and put a wing on Love, then he will dominate the glass. Elite play tonight.

        - Julius Randle $4,800: It has become pretty clear that Randle should be the first big off the bench for the Lakers. If they want a chance to stay in this game against the Wizards, Randle will need to play more. His minutes have slowly and I mean slowly been trending up. Randle fills up the stat sheet and provides a spark off the bench, great tournament play.


        - Marcin Gortat $5,600: Last night Brook Lopez only played 18 minutes, perhaps Walton was saving him for this match up against the Wizards? That might be a stretch, but as long as Lopez is on the floor I like Gortat in this game tonight. Lopez is allergic to rebounding and Wall and Beal should create a lot of easy baskets for Gortat as the Lakers struggle to play defense. Great spot for Gortat if you want to spend down at Center today. 

        - Jonas Valanciunas $4,900: Similar to Randle all he needs is more minutes! The Raptors will need big bodies on the floor tonight because they will have their hands full trying to stop the likes of Cousins and Davis. Toronto is playing up in pace at home against a team that doesn't defend all that well. Jonas is usually low owned, so he is the perfect high risk, high reward play tonight. It all comes down to his minutes. 

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